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WaterWalker 12-5 Trainer
WaterWalker 13-5 Explorer
WaterWalker 16 Glider

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WaterWalker 12-5 Trainer
WaterWalker 16 Glider

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WaterWalker Series - Overview
A New Breed of SUP, Catamaran-Style...

Innovative Designs...
...that's what you've come to expect from Easy Rider

We have added three unique and innovative catamaran-style stand-up paddlecraft (SUP) to our extensive production program.
And there is nothing ordinary about our new WaterWalker series... extreme stability, high buoyancy, and great versatility are only some of the drawing cards for the Trainer, Explorer, and Glider.
As an added bonus, each hull of a WaterWalker can be used as a super-buoyant outrigger. Attach it to an Easy Rider kayak or canoe and you have an extra-stable platform for swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving...
NOTE: WaterWalker hulls can be purchased separately for use as outriggers.

WaterWalker 12-5 Trainer      compact, stable & maneuverable
WaterWalker 13-5 Explorer    high-capacity and stable performance cruiser
WaterWalker 16 Glider          stable, smooth glide, and very fast

> Has the current popularity of stand-up paddling caught your attention, but you are afraid to fall off the paddleboard?
Our super-stable WaterWalker SUP's will make you feel at ease.

> Are you interested in an SUP that allows you to sit down comfortably for resting or taking pictures of a spectacular sunset? All without capsize worries...
Easy Rider's WaterWalker is the SUP to have!

> You want to improve your balance and strengthen your core muscles?
An Easy Rider WaterWalker SUP will be a good investment in your health.

How about sliding-seat rowing for optimized fitness training?
Versatility at its best! Within minutes, a WaterWalker Explorer or Glider can be transformed into a performance rowing craft (catamaran-style). Its tremendous stability eliminates capsize worries and assures a quick learning curve.
Easy Rider's catamaran rowers allow you to stay out on the water even in windy and choppy conditions not suitable for nimble rowing shells.