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All Easy Rider paddlecraft are designed, tooled & manufactured under one roof at the Easy Rider factory in Seattle, Washington.
Peter Kaupat (designer) favors the classic paper-and-pencil design method, and just like the old masters, he puts his heart and soul into every design.
Designing and creating the master shape (plug) go hand in hand and allow for final adjusting & tweaking throughout the entire process.
Our customers are proud to own original Easy Rider designs inspired by Peter's lifelong passion for the paddlesport.

WaterWalker 16 Glider
A New Breed of SUP, Catamaran-Style...

Designed for speed – you bring the muscle, the 16-foot Glider will deliver...
Inspired by modern high-performance gliders (sailplanes), Peter Kaupat, Easy Rider's designer, chose perfectly streamlined hulls for this new design. Each of the catamaran hulls features a circular cross-section below the waterline resulting in a minimum wetted surface for minimum drag. The Glider is an elegant speed machine designed to keep up with the best!
First introduced at the 2011 Northwest Paddling Festival, a 16-foot Glider was paddled into first-place position by Greg Gilbert of Washington, with the designer following closely to capture the #2 position.
As an inofficial competitor, Peter Kaupat used a Glider as well. He complemented his paddle power with the propulsive power of a lightweight Torqeedo 403 electric motor. His intent was to demonstrate that an electric motor can be very useful when battling strong headwinds and currents, especially on long-distance cruises.

Imagine the possibilities...
• SUP paddlecraft for racing or fast cruising
• High-performance SUP for fun and fitness training
• Sit-on-top paddling (kayak- or canoe-style)
• Unequalled catamaran-style stability
• Seaworthiness for paddling in windy & rough conditions
• 880 pounds total buoyancy for extended cruises with gear
• Optional bow & stern hatches for overnight camping gear
• Optional Torqeedo 403 kayak motor for sustained speeds in all conditions

Important considerations...
Fast & stable rower with optional Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat
• For easy transportation, the two catamaran hulls disconnect in minutes.

Exclusive outrigger-feature...
Furthermore, each WaterWalker hull can be used as a super-buoyant outrigger. Attach it to an Easy Rider kayak or canoe and you have an extra-stable platform for scuba-diving, swimming, snorkeling, diving, etc.
NOTE: The hulls of a WaterWalker can be purchased separately for use as outriggers.

Standard outfitting includes:
• Catamaran poles, for connecting the two hulls
• Sitting platform, for resting or kayak-style sit-on-top paddling
• Fore and aft bulkheads with portholes
• Adjustable & retractable leeboard (fin), for best tracking and launching/beaching
• Comfortable bow & stern carry handles
• Preps. for outrigger/catamaran connectivity

Price as outfitted above:
#WW16 WaterWalker 16 Glider  $6,000.

Optional SUP Paddle:
#0304PG Power Surge SUP Paddle (by ZRE), featherweight Graphite  $369.95
Lengths: 76", 78”, 80”, 82", and custom lengths

NOTE: A limited number of photo-shoot models are offered at special savings - please inquire.