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Whether your interests are sailing, fishing, or descending fast-moving rivers... versatility is its biggest drawing card.

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Decked All-Around Canoe
Family Paddling - Whitewater - Expeditions

Weight, Fiberglass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
1200 lbs.
85 lbs.
66 lbs.
Bow Cockpit
Center Cockpit
Stern Cockpit

outfitting of this model
23.5" X 26.5"
25.5" X 41.5"
23.5" X 26.5"

The TSL-I, Peter Kaupat's first brainchild, was developed for the wide range of boating activities that he and his wife, Barbara, wanted to pursue.
Versatility is its biggest drawing card. Whether your interests are sailing, fishing on Puget Sound, descending fast-moving rivers, exploring lakes with your family, canoe camping with tons of gear, or wilderness tripping -- the TSL-I can handle it.
It has conquered the turbulent rapids of the Grand Canyon, braved the frigid waters of the Inside Passage between Seattle and Alaska, has taken many adventurers on a trip of a lifetime!
TSL-I is an outstanding saltwater craft rivaling a sea kayak. Compared to an open canoe, its low profile is less affected by strong winds. For maximum comfort and protection, use spray skirts in choppy water or foul weather.
When it comes to seaworthiness, maneuverability, carrying capacity, and roominess, this boat is in a class of its own. Also, its incredible stability and maneuverability have made many novice paddlers look like pros on their first whitewater trip.