Equipped with outrigger, the kayak provides an ideal platform for professional photography.
A camera post for a remote-control video or still camera is mounted on the rear deck behind the paddler.

Peter Kaupat, President/
Designer of Easy Rider, directed the production of this video. He and his wife, Barbara, personally test the Easy Rider designs on travel adventures worldwide

Easy Rider’s exclusive catamaran, outrigger, and sailing features, and the innovative Eskimo Take-A-Part kayaks can best be appreciated when seen in action on adventure trips to Fiji, Tahiti, and the Caribbean Islands.

A delightful, professional narration is provided by Seattle’s Don McCune, who won an Emmy 26 times during his long career in radio and television.

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“The Wonderful World of Easy Rider”

Highly Praised by Viewers Worldwide...

"The video contains volumes of information... It serves to introduce prospective paddlers to the wide opportunities available in the paddlesport."

"My compliments on an impressive production... A viewer could learn much about equipment watching it."

"Easy Rider's foray into filmmaking is a resounding success. If this doesn't teach you something and makes you want to paddle, nothing will."

Zack Taylor, Boats & Travel Editor SPORTS AFIELD
"Congratulations on your wonderful video... Your outrigger and catamaran rigs are terrific. So graceful and sporty as well as super functional."

Don Welch, Suffolk, England
"I am very impressed by your very comprehensive video... I really enjoyed the CR-catamaran and outrigger features. It extends kayaking and canoeing into a completely new dimension of sailing performance, increased seaworthiness and long-distance travelling potential, and your paddle-float system gives ultimate stability and safety... I think your Take-A-Part Kayaks are again ahead of the field and a great idea for the easy transport and storage of kayaks where space is limited."

Brad Finn, Maine
"Inspiring and informative. You'll want to get right up off the couch, jump into an Easy Rider and paddle your own adventure."

C. Forbes, Buffalo, N.Y.
"Thank you for the abundantly informative and enjoyable video... I've watched it four times so far... It would be a valid addition to a public library as a source of education and entertainment."

Jim & Brenda Giordano, Seattle, WA
Your delightful video with the informative narration was the perfect way for my wife and me to 'test paddle' every Easy Rider boat from the comfort of our living room! From a complete overview of Easy Rider boats and accessories to the latest innovations, and even a unique travel log - this video has it all. 'The Wonderful World of Easy Rider' should be in every paddler's video library!"

Bill Bailey, Panama
“...Yesterday I got a package from you in the mail, here in Panama... I can tell you've worked hard to make that video and those catalogs. I found your information to be concise, appealing and understandable...”

A. Ryland Howard, Texas
“...Many thanks for your Easy Rider videotape. I have enjoyed it very much. So much so that I am sending it to a good friend and fellow kayaker in Australia... Also, thank you for the tour of your headquarters. It gave me an understanding of your commitment to innovation and implementation...”