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“...I've impressed people when they find me paddling on lakes up to a mile hike-in... “

Rowing Package
#1802 converts the Sweetheart to a compact rowing dinghy.

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Featherweight Backpack Canoe/Kayak
Fishing, Photography, Nature Watching

Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
400 lbs.
29 lbs.
Center Depth

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Sweetheart is a small, featherlight canoe which can be carried into less accessible areas for nature watching and exploration.
It follows the concept of Henry Rushton who designed canoes for the sportsmen of his day: small, light, low-seated boats intended for double-bladed paddles.
Sweetheart is user-friendly and requires almost no paddling
skills -- a distinct aft keel section, in combination with a gentle bow rise, makes the Sweetheart track straight.
Sweetheart measures 12.5 feet and weighs only 29 pounds in Kevlar/Graphite, meaning you can take it almost anywhere. Use it for fishing, photography, nature watching...
A double-bladed kayak paddle works best for the Sweetheart.
The low-seated kayak-style position offers a maximum of paddling comfort for a relaxing time on the water.
The Sweetheart can also be rowed, either dinghy-style with fixed oars or as a rowing trainer with a sliding seat.