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How to order  

When buying a new or used Easy Rider kayak, canoe, or rowing shell, it is comforting to know that spare parts are readily available. Many of these parts can also be used on other-brand boats. Spare parts can be picked up directly at the Easy Rider factory showroom in Seattle/Tukwila or they can be shipped to you.

Kayak Rudder Parts    Canoe Parts

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    Rudder Parts

Parts for Tracking Fin Assembly #R2550

• Rudder/Fin Blade #R8618, regular size - $100
• Y-Brackets #R8608 - $17.50 ea. ($35.00 for two)
• Cross Bolt #R8603 - $15.00
• Split Ring (#R8604) - $1.50
• Tube-Cleat for Rudder Uphaul line #R8537 - $3.95  
• Rudder Line, Yacht Braid Dacron 3/16 #8529 - $0.50 per foot

  NEW – Rudder Head
New injection-molded rudder head, with integrated rudder crossbar, uphaul line guide, and rudder-blade stopper. New features: a recessed ball-lock pin and molded-in round logo.
We suggest that owners of Easy Rider kayaks upgrade to this new system by replacing their boats’ old (original) rudder heads.
• Rudder Head #R8601B (with 1.5” ball-lock pin #R6805-2) - $68
• Rudder Head, only (incorporates molded cross-bar) #R8601-2 - $40  
• Ball-Lock Pin, 1.5" #R8605-2 - $28

Parts for Rudder-Head Assembly
• New Rudder Head, incorporates molded cross-bar #R8601-2 - $40
• Ball-Lock Pin, 1.5" #R8605-2 - $28
• Snap Hook with Spring Gate, Stainless Steel #8545 - $4.95
• Y-Brackets #R8608 - $17.50 ea. ($35.00 for two)


Parts for Foot-Pedal Assembly

• Foot Pedal, with replaceable toe plates, 1/4” adjustment #R8620 - $185.00
• Replaceable Toe Plates, for Foot Pedal #R8612 - $25 each
• Floor Mount, fiberglass, for Foot Pedal 1/4” adjustment #R8612-F - $65
• Thumbscrew, for foot-pedal positioning #R8613 - $4.50


Picture shows: Rudder-Line Assembly #R8616
• Rudder-Line Assembly (Complete Kit) #R8616 - $75
• Rope Snubber, black anodized (2 needed per rudder) #R8610 - $9.50 each
• Rope Snubber Fine Line, Nylon (drill to 1/4” dia. for rudder lines) #R8544 - $2.50 each
• Snap Hook with Spring Gate, Stainless Steel #8545 - $4.95
• Snap Hook, black nylon (for rudder uphaul line) #R8536 - $2.50
• Rudder Line, Yacht Braid Dacron 3/16 #8529 - $0.50 per foot
    Canoe Parts
  Mast Thwart for Spinnaker Sail or Fishing Rod Holder  
Quick snap-on thwart clamps to the gunwales of any open canoe (no tools needed). The mast step does double duty: it accepts a spinnaker mast as well as a fishing rod holder. Switching between spinnaker sailing and fishing takes but seconds.
#1901B Mast Thwart (bow position)    – $175  
#1901C Mast Thwart (center position) – $175  

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