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A boat a person really can tote into a remote lake...

The best way to paddle the Scout is kayak-style... But this boat can also be rowed like a dinghy -- a popular option for fishermen.
Rowing Package

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Scout 13
Featherweight Backpack Canoe/Kayak
Fishing, Photography, Nature Watching

Weight, Fiberglass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
400 lbs.
45 lbs.
34 lbs.

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Row it, paddle it, sail it...
Canoe on a lake, troll a bay, shoot a river, carry it into a wilderness pond... The Scout may be small, but that doesn't limit its uses. In fact, smallness is its biggest asset. Only 13 feet in length, the Scout stores easily in a garage or boat house, or on deck of a cruising yacht. It also sits comfortably on the roof of the smallest cars or in the bed of a pick-up. And weighing only 34 pounds (Kevlar model), it's a boat that a person really can tote into a remote lake. It's also a boat almost anyone can handle alone -- women and senior citizens will have no trouble cartopping it, children can move it from the cottage down to the lake.
This little workhorse gets you to those hidden places where the fish are...
Many people use the Scout as a solo boat: to search estuaries for birds, troll for bass or salmon, fish a river for steelhead, or enjoy a day of sailing. The Scout, with a wider design than other solo canoes, gives a stable platform for all these tasks. But this boat's capacity is not limited to one person. Two adults can enjoy it together, or one adult can entertain one or two children as they explore a waterway.