Sail Rigs (Overview)

Spinnaker Sails for Kayaks & Canoes
One of the best outfitting options for any kayak or canoe! Highly refined and field-proven stow-away travel rigs, these are featherweight rigs for minimalist sailors. They are likely to see a lot of action on any paddling trip and should never be left at home. Imagine being pushed silently by the wind as you relax in your seat, troll your favorite lure, watch the shoreline slide by...

Downwind Spinnaker Sail for Kayaks
To minimize heeling, the sail’s symmetric, triangular shape places the center of effort low above the boat. In very strong winds, you can reef the spinnaker to half its size by folding it around the mast. Folded in half, the sail turns into a small airfoil sail for crosswind reaches.

Reaching Spinnaker Sail for Kayaks
Our Reaching Spinnaker features an asymmetric sail area for running, reaching, and beating. The sail, with its leading edge running from tip to base of the mast, functions like a sloop sail allowing you to sail in crosswinds. Since the sheet (control line) is attached to the kayak deck behind the cockpit in a set-and-forget position, the paddler’s hands are free to take photos, fish, snack... For enhanced tracking, an optional Leeboard is available.

Downwind Spinnaker Sail for Canoes
Easy Rider’s new Mast Thwarts make it easy to use our Spinnaker Sails with any canoe. Order Mast Thwart #1901B for operating the sail from the bow seat of the canoe. If you want to control the sail from the stern seat, order Mast Thwart #1901C.
You like to fish? The mast base does double duty: it also accepts our Fishing Rod Holder #2302.

Airfoil Sails for Kayaks & Canoes
More and more people would like to participate in the sport of sailing, but are discouraged by escalating costs and the overall burdens of owning a regular sailboat... The solution: Easy Rider’s sailing options! Our boats can be easily cartopped; they are lightweight and can be hand-carried down to the water -- no boat trailer nor boat-launch hassles.
Airfoil Sails for Kayaks. Our single or double kayaks, with their long, slim, and easily driven hulls, don’t require much sail area to reach amazing speeds, rivaling large sailboats. They are seaworthy, sporty, easily controlled by foot rudders, and loads of fun! Outfitted with one or two Airfoil Sails, Leeboard and Outrigger, any of our CR-Kayaks turns into a sporty, high-performance sailer! Our fully-battened, high-aspect ratio Airfoil Sails capture every scrap of energy from the air! They respond to the slightest puff of wind, and speeds in the teens can be reached. The potential to link two Easy Rider CR-Kayaks together to form an extra-stable catamaran, for paddling or sailing, is a major reason why so many people choose Easy Rider kayaks.
Airfoil Sails for Canoes. Airfoil Sails transform our canoes into sporty sailboats. They are quick to set up and easy to handle. Outriggers are available for extra safety and expanded sailing range.