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Raven Series (Overview)
Raven 17 & Raven 18-6
Performance Cruising Canoes - Tough Royalex® ABS

Our Raven designs are for a canoeist in search of a classic cruising canoe. They offer a balanced blend of speed, stability, carrying capacity, and maneuverability.
Fine bow entry and stern exit lines and shallow-V hulls make the Raven models very energy-efficient cruisers with excellent tracking ability. They barely create a ripple when gliding through water.
And you can paddle leisurely while other canoeists are straining to keep your pace. Our Ravens are ideal for long-distance cruising trips, but you'll also enjoy them for easy whitewater.

Raven 17 -- With a capacity of 935 pounds, this is a distinctive-looking, family-sized canoe. It's light enough to be carried by two youngsters and is a canoe of choice for solo adventures.
Weight, Royalex® ABS
935 lbs.
72 lbs.
Center Depth

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Raven 18-6 -- Its high load capacity of 1200 pounds combined with the proven performance features of the Raven design makes this a prime choice for large families and long wilderness expeditions.
Weight, Royalex® ABS
1200 lbs.
78 lbs.
Center Depth

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Raven 18-6

Super-Tough Royalex® ABS Construction...
Pound for pound, Royalex has greater rigidity and impact strength than steel. For complete information, see Royalex® ABS material.

Our Raven canoes have earned high marks...
Both models are an excellent choice for family use; lake cruising; wilderness expeditions; fishing & hunting.

Popular Outfitting & Options...
Fixed-Seat & Sliding-Seat Rowing Packages; Spinnaker & Airfoil Sail Rigs; Outriggers; Motor Mounts; Fishing Rod Holders; Extra Seats; End or Side Flotation; Skid Plates; Knee Pads & Thigh Straps. For more information, see accessories.