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Lightweight for the solo sportsman, maneuverable for easy whitewater.

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Raven 18-6

All-Around Canoe - Tough Royalex® ABS
Family Paddling - Whitewater - Expeditions
Weight, Royalex® ABS
1200 lbs.
78 lbs.
Center Depth

outfitting of this model

Raven 18-6, the most powerful horse in Easy Rider's stable of open canoes, is unmatched by any other Royalex® canoe.
While 17 feet is a standard length for open canoes, when you are paddling the open choppy waters of Puget Sound on a blustery day, the Raven 18-6 (measuring 18 feet, 6 inches) is just right.
  The extra length and room allow you to stretch out even after all camping gear and kids have been packed in the canoe.
Raven 18-6 is a larger version of our Raven 17 and shows an impressive increase in carrying capacity, hull speed, and stability. It's a favorite pick for wilderness expeditions.
The gentle rocker (rise) of the bow and stern increases the maneuverability of this craft. This feature improves its sailing performance and is essential for whitewater. And it makes launching and beaching easier.
Many options like spinnaker and airfoil sails, outriggers, rowing packages, and additional canoe bench seats for extra paddlers can enhance the value of this canoe. The Raven 18-6 is a boat that will extend your canoeing to many new frontiers.