Price Quotation #SP-03

Cub Scout – Sit-On-Top Paddlecraft with optional Viewing Window
Lightweight Kevlar/Graphite or Custom Glass Construction

Picture shows the Cub Scout with large Glass Bottom Viewing Window #0100L. The window is made of bullet-proof 1/2” thick Lexan material.
Cub Scout is small, lightweight, stable, seaworthy, and versatile – a great choice for youngsters and all-around family fun. This little boat is at its best poking around and exploring lakes and quiet bays and serving as an unsinkable fishing boat or dinghy for larger craft.






CUB SCOUT, Custom Glass, incl. 1 folding seat & flotation
NOTE: Kevlar/Graphite version offered at $3400

Outfitting Options:
Large Glass Bottom Viewing Window, break-proof Lexan material ($400)
Rowing Package (Scout 13, Sweetheart, Cub Scout) ($250)
Downwind Spinnaker Sail Rig, 8 sq. ft., mounted on forward deck ($500)

Airfoil Sail Rig Option:
Airfoil Sail Rig 24 sq. ft./Includes Prep. #2000 ($1400)
Leeboard Assembly Large, short pole 1.5" dia./incl. Prep. #2044 ($450)
Rudder Assembly, incl. all hardware & lines ($400)

Popular Accessories:
Skagit, 2-pc., 250 cm, long kayak paddle for easy solo paddling ($130)
Volksvest Life Vest, slim fit ($60)

Total $2700

Imagine the possibilities...
Cub Scout can be paddled kayak- or canoe-style, solo or double. It can be rowed like a dinghy, or converts into a rowing trainer with a sliding-seat assembly. When equipped with an airfoil sail, it becomes a sporty sailer. It’s also a great platform for snorkeling and swimming and floats any way you turn it – on its side, even upside down. Its unique hull design is self-draining when righted.
Our innovative Cub Scout is highly popular with quality resorts and individuals inclined to make a long-term investment in a top-of-the-line, highly versatile sit-on-top paddlecraft.

Length 12’6”      Width 35"      Load Capacity 400 lbs.
Weight Custom Glass 56 lbs.      Weight Kevlar/Graphite 46 lbs.