Price Quotation #SP-01
Scout 13 – Small Canoe/Kayak with optional Rowing Package
Lightweight (34 lbs.) Kevlar/Graphite Construction

Picture shows the Scout 13 with Rowing Package #1802.
Row it, paddle it, sail it... Canoe on a lake, troll a bay, shoot a river, carry it into a wilderness pond... The Scout may be small, but that doesn't limit its uses... In fact, smallness is its biggest asset. Only 13 feet in length, the Scout stores easily in a garage or boat house, or on deck of a cruising yacht. It also sits comfortably on the roof of the smallest cars or in the bed of a pick-up.







SCOUT 13, Kevlar/Graphite, incl. 1 folding cane seat & flotation
NOTE: Fiberglass version offered at $1500

Rowing Package:
Fixed-Seat Rowing Package

Popular Outfitting:
Tracking Fin for Scout 13, removable ($195)
Downwind Spinnaker Sail Rig ($500)
Deluxe Outside Seam, installed ($450)

Popular Accessories:
Deluxe Folding Cane Seat, removable, for second paddler ($85)
Skagit, 2-pc., 250 cm, long kayak paddle for easy solo paddling ($130)
Volksvest Life Vest, slim fit ($60)


Total $2450


Weighing only 34 pounds (Kevlar model), it's a boat that a person really can tote into a remote lake. It's also a boat almost anyone can handle alone -- women and senior citizens will have no trouble cartopping it, children can move it from the cottage down to the lake.

Length 13’     Width 32"     Load Capacity 400 lbs.
Weight Fiberglass 45 lbs.     Weight Kevlar/Graphite 34 lbs.

"We have enjoyed our Scout 13 immensely and have already explored many quiet waters previously inaccessible to us. I guess my life has become so complex that the simplicity of the Scout came as a refreshing reprieve!
I like being able to cartop, carry and launch it solo. What I like most of all is being able to explore shallow, glassy coves where power boats and jet skis refuse to permeate... I'm looking forward to many happy years of paddling with my kids. Thanks for making it so simple!"
                                                                                                       Charles Bellia, Washington