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The Cutting Edge in Kayak Design

Discover the finest paddling and sailing kayaks in the world today! Evolved from centuries of Polynesian outrigger sailing experience and from the seakeeping efficiency of high Arctic kayaks, today's carefully engineered and painstakingly crafted Easy Rider kayaks represent the cutting edge of human-powered and environmentally sensitive craft. Easy Rider's CR-Kayaks eliminate the boundaries between sea kayaking and true sailing. The innovative CR-System allows our kayaks to grow from pure paddlecraft to outrigger, trimaran or catamaran high-performance sailing craft. We offer Take-A-Part kayaks in expedition-grade Kevlar®/Graphite construction, a perfect choice for traveling and easy storage.

Multi-Use Craft: Rowing - Paddling - Sailing
Imagine paddling with comfort in a big open cockpit, seacruising using an optional hardtop cover, rowing for fun or exercise with a sliding seat, or sailing Polynesian-style with outrigger and sail... All this is possible in our Cormorant CR or Tatoosh CR. And conversion between modes is easy. A choice of Polynesian-styled outriggers, a variety of sail rigs, the popular Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat with oars, plus a hardtop cover for sea kayaking lets you create the unique boat for your needs from proven components!

Specialty Paddlecraft: Small Backpack Boats
Canoe on a lake, troll a bay, shoot a river, carry them into a wilderness pond... Scout 13, Sweetheart, or Cub Scout may be small, but that doesn't limit their uses. In fact, smallness is their biggest asset. They store easily in a garage or boat house, or on deck of a cruising yacht. They also sit comfortably on the roof of the smallest car or in the bed of a pick-up. And weighing as little as 29 pounds in Kevlar®, these are boats that a person really can tote into a remote lake.

Royalex® ABS Canoes - Wide Range of Outfitting Options
Royalex® ABS canoes are super-tough, maintenance-free, and next to indestructible. They are the leading choice for family use, whitewater, and expeditions.
Ouzel Series:  extra-stable, high-capacity all-around canoes
Raven Series:  fast cruising performers, well-tracking
Many Outfitting Options: sail rigs, outriggers, rowing packages, whitewater outfitting, motor mounts, rod holders, much more...