"The 17-foot Easy Rider Eskimo Take-A-Part has performed superbly on all my expeditions and has withstood the test of time.

I've logged over 4700 miles of open-ocean paddling, including circumnavigating Iceland in the North Atlantic, Tasmania in the Roaring Forties off the coast of Australia, the Kodiak Island Archipelago in Alaska.
Past performance of my boat, encountering all the varying ocean/weather conditions, has produced a confidence in my kayak... I can concentrate on the moment at hand, without a thought or worry about the integrity of my craft."

John Bauman, Alaska
“...Our Sea Eagles have withstood bumps with icebergs and repeated abuse on rough beaches.
Safety is our number one priority, followed by the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. Easy Rider boats have served us well on both fronts."

Alaska Discovery, Juneau

“Paddling through pack ice.. Our Kevlar Eskimo 15’s are great ice breakers...”
Kevin Killilea, Alaska

Make sure you know what material you are buying...

Polyethylene boats are no match for
Easy Rider’s superior constructions!

It’s important to realize that lower-priced polyethylene boats are expensive when you consider their many shortcomings...
Polyethylene is a soft material able to withstand far less wear and tear.
Because it does not withstand ultraviolet rays well, polyethylene breaks down over time and becomes brittle.
Polyethylene boats tend to lose their shape in hot climates, especially when strapped down on car racks.
Polyethylene boats are substantially heavier than boats made of fiberglass, Kevlar®, Graphite, or Royalex® ABS..
Polyethylene boats cannot be repaired. Bonding agents like vinyl cement, urethane adhesives, and epoxy resins do not adhere to polyethylene.
However, bonding agents do adhere to all Easy Rider boats. Therefore, a variety of desirable options (sail rigs, outriggers, skid strips...) can be added to your Easy Rider at the time of purchase or years later. So, if you want a boat that can grow with your interests and needs, an Easy Rider is your best choice.

Tony Sarabia, Marine Pro Services, Kauai, Hawaii
“... Since the first day we’ve owned our roto-molded plastic double, I’ve taken very special care of it. Never allowing it to sit in the sun unnecessarily, because the UV exposure will weaken the plastic. Always hanging it upside down during storage, because the bottom will lose its shape and may cause the boat to bend in half when going through the surf.
Last summer I loaned our double kayak to my next door neighbor. He and his young daughter paddled down the Na Pali on a day trip. When they landed at the white-sand Poli Hale Beach, the bow of the boat split open about twelve inches... This boat will never go to sea again -- I could never trust this type of plastic boat construction again...

Last week, I purchased an eight-year-old Easy Rider Sea Eagle, made of fiberglass, from a commercial kayak rental company. After eight seasons of commercial abuse, this boat’s hull still retains its solid integrity. Being a sea captain, scuba dive instructor, and an ocean kayaker, I know a good product when I test one... Thank you and Mahalo.”

Easy Rider's commitment is to manufacture
top-quality boats that will last a lifetime.