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Ouzel Series (Overview)
Ouzel 15-8 & Ouzel 17
All-Around Canoes - Tough Royalex® ABS

Ouzels are playful, wren-shaped birds adept in the air, happy on stream shores where they nest, and dexterous under water where they feed.
This mastery of mediums exemplifies our two all-around Ouzel canoes -- boats which handle both flatwater and tough whitewater competently.
Stability is the key to the Ouzels' versatility...
You'll feel confident sending the kids out on the lake, leaning over the gunwales to net a salmon, or standing up to flyfish. A buoyant bow and stern allows these canoes to climb over the waves of a choppy lake or a turbulent river. And because Ouzels are so buoyant, you can pack them full of bodies and gear.

Ouzel 15-8 -- Shorter and lighter, it is easy to cartop, hang in the garage, or store around the cabin. It is a favorite of the solo sportsman. And its 1075-pound capacity facilitates long camping trips.
Weight, Royalex® ABS
1075 lbs.
66 lbs.
Center Depth

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Ouzel 17 -- With a capacity of 1200 pounds, it is popular among those who camp often. Wilderness adventurers appreciate its roominess and high capacity, families value its extra stability.
Weight, Royalex® ABS
1200 lbs.
74 lbs.
Center Depth

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Ouzel 17

Super-Tough Royalex® ABS Construction...
Pound for pound, Royalex has greater rigidity and impact strength than steel. For complete information, see Royalex® ABS material.

Our Ouzel canoes have earned high marks...
Both models are an excellent choice for family use; all-around use, including whitewater; wilderness expeditions; fishing & hunting.

Popular Outfitting & Options...
Fixed-Seat & Sliding-Seat Rowing Packages; Spinnaker & Airfoil Sail Rigs; Outriggers; Motor Mounts; Fishing Rod Holders; Extra Seats; End or Side Flotation; Skid Plates; Knee Pads & Thigh Straps. For more information, see accessories.