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Ouzel 17 is an extra-stable, high-capacity all-around canoe, an excellent choice for lake and stream fishing... highly popular with outfitters & guides.

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Ouzel 17
All-Around Canoe - Tough Royalex® ABS
Family Paddling - Whitewater - Expeditions

Weight, Royalex® ABS
1200 lbs.
74 lbs.
Center Depth

outfitting of this model

Stability is top priority for family canoeing. And our Ouzel 17 has earned the reputation of being the "best choice".
This extra-stable workhorse provides ample room for children, camping gear, and the family dog. Load up and venture away from the crowds to your own private camping spot... Don't worry when your kids, spotting a muskrat, shift their weight simultaneously to the same side... your Ouzel has plenty of stability to handle the situation.
Outfitting includes:
#2013    Airfoil Sail Rig 32 sq. ft.
#2005    Leeboard Large
#2055    Outrigger 12.5 ft.
#2057    Outrigger Parts
#2051    Trampoline
#2009W Ridgid Platform
#2202    Motor Mount
#2606    End Flotation Bags
Ouzel 17 is able to fulfill every family member's dream. Use it as a platform for sunbathing, snorkeling, diving, or flyfishing. Row it, dinghy-style, trolling your favorite lure. Row for vigorous workouts with an Oarmaster Sliding Seat. Add a spinnaker or airfoil sail and tap into nature's free energy. Outfit the canoe with a 12.5-foot Outrigger and a rigid trampoline, and you have a family play center for all to enjoy...
Built in an expedition-grade Royalex® ABS construction, Ouzel 17 is also a top choice for wilderness expeditions and whitewater. In fact, its tremendous buoyancy and maneuverability allow paddlers to navigate whitewater stretches many other open canoes must be carried around.