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Lightweight for the solo sportsman, with the capacity for family camping trips.

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Ouzel 15-8
All-Around Canoe - Tough Royalex® ABS
Family Paddling - Whitewater - Expeditions

Weight, Royalex® ABS
1075 lbs.
66 lbs.
Center Depth

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Ouzel 15-8 has it all! This mid-sized canoe offers stability, load capacity, roominess, maneuverability, durability, and good speed. It's one of the most versatile canoes available.
The Ouzel's length (15'8") and light weight (66 lbs.) translate into a handy-sized boat which a single person can easily load, unload, and portage. It stows in tight places and is just the right match for small cars, yet, it's roomy and boasts a capacity of 1075 pounds –more than most canoes of greater length!
The Ouzel 15-8 is a true all-around canoe. It serves the needs of the solo sportsman and can take a family on lengthy camping trips. It's a formidable whitewater boat and outperforms most other canoes under sail. And -- it's built of super-tough Royalex® ABS.
Whitewater Outfitting:
#2206 End Flotation
#2207 Side Flotation
#2603 Thigh Straps/Pads
#2601 Skid Plates
Test Report Canoe & Kayak Magazine
"...Easy Rider's Ouzel can carry a large load and keeps paddlers dry in rough conditions. With two large paddlers in this boat, it hardly seemed loaded. It has a consistent feel, tracking and turning predictably. On flatwater, it travels easily enough for comfortable paddling.
There is a high degree of stability; new paddlers feel immediately comfortable in this canoe. Paddle solo or tandem, on rivers or open water, with or without load, in comfort and safety. That sort of versatility defines a typical all-around canoe..."