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500 Miles by Kayak in
the Aleutian Chain...

     Attu Island - Agattu -
Buldir - Kiska - Attu Island

"Without Easy Rider's ingenious Outrigger System
on my Eskimo 17 CRX 3G
Take-A-Part kayak, my solo expedition would not have been successful."
Dr. G. Spielvogel, Germany
Author of "Anangula"
CR-Outrigger System
Extra Stability & Safety for Paddling & Sailing
Platform for Sailing, Fishing, Snorkeling...

Polynesians have been using them for over 2000 years...
Without outriggers to stabilize their narrow dugouts, they would have never mastered the swollen waters of the ocean, never spread through the islands of the South Pacific...
An outrigger transforms any paddlecraft into a stable, almost untippable   platform. A platform to which you can attach performance Airfoil Sails. A   platform from which you can fish, swim, snorkel, sunbathe. A platform which   provides immeasurable security when long crossings take you miles from   shore, squalls surprise you out in open water, or rip tides froth at your boat.
An old concept – like the sea kayak itself – the value of outriggers has been   rediscovered by Easy Rider. After years of study and testing, however, there is   nothing old about the design and technology behind our exclusive outriggers.
Extra-strong outrigger poles (the same poles used to catamaran Easy Rider's   kayaks) anchor the outrigger to special deck moldings on the boat. The process   takes about five minutes.
Paddle waters that once seemed too rough or exposed – the outrigger will not   affect the speed or sporty feel of your boat. Launch and beach your kayak in   choppy conditions or from steep banks. Take out timid paddlers and physically   challenged people and let them also enjoy paddling.
Add leeboards and high-performance airfoil sails, and you can sail the   transformed craft as high into the wind and as fast as a good sailboat.
Take an outrigger with you wherever you go. It fits inside most cars, and the
two-piece Take-A-Part version nestles inside the middle section of our single

Take-A-Part kayaks.
Use an outrigger, and you'll be amazed that going back to the future (or ahead to the past) can open up so many new horizons.
Photo: Outrigger sailing - Blue Lagoon, Fiji
Model: Eskimo 17 CRX 3G Take-A-Part kayaks with Airfoil Sails & Take-A-Part Outriggers