New Easy Rider Products

New Models – New Options – New Accessories...
NEW – Harpoon TR... turning heads & winning races.
Picture shows Greg Grimm “going for it” in his lightweight All-Graphite Harpoon TR.
The high-performance Harpoon TR, available in All-Graphite or Kevlar/Graphite construction, shares the gene pool of the other members of the Harpoon series.
NEW – Harpoon R Expedition Rowing Shells
Show stopper at the Seattle Boat Show... Harpoon is an all-weather rower, the only true heavy-water outrigger rowing craft. With it, you can safely venture out and explore the same areas accessible to sea kayaks (without having to constantly keep an eye on the weather). Harpoon features generous bow & stern cargo hatches to make the loading of bulky trip supplies easy. A new cockpit design accommodates the new Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat versions.

Two versions available:
The high-volume (HV) expedition version can carry bulky camping gear for extended trips.
The low-profile (LP) racing version, with minimum wind resistance, is an excellent choice for saltwater rowing. It is an extra-stable outrigger rower and appeals to owners of large cruising boats.

So, if you want a top-of-the-line rowing shell, a boat which (holding true to its name) quickly and efficiently seeks its target, do what some Boat Show visitors did – treat yourself to the very best: Harpoon R.
Available in All-Graphite or Kevlar/Graphite construction, outfitted with one or two outriggers, and with multi-use versatility (rowing, paddling, sailing).

NEW – Beluga CRX 2G Deluxe... developed for Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks
We developed this deluxe double-seater kayak to meet the needs of Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks, a well-known Alaskan outfitter (they have used Easy Rider kayaks since 1979). And we are pleased to report that the model has become an instant favorite with their customers, who love the longer Expedition Beluga for its easy packing and great carrying capacity for extended trips.
Click Beluga CRX 2G for more information.
Photo courtesy of Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks

NEW – Protective Kayak Cover
For storing or cartopping your beautiful Easy Rider (protect your investment!). This is a two-part cover, with the separation behind the cockpit coaming. The two halves overlap with velcro and a draw strap. With the boat facing forward on a car rack, the cover is secure at freeway speeds. Velcro openings allow for the lifting handles to extend through the cover. The cover’s interior surface is napped to trap fine grit and keep it away from the boat’s finish. The cover is 55% poly., 45% cotton, water-repellent, mildew-resistant, and breathable.
#8551 Protective Kayak Cover – $275 (For single-seater models.)
NOTE: Covers for other boat models are available on a custom-order basis (inquire).
NEW – Extra-Large Glass Bottom Viewing Window for Cub Scout
You asked for it, and it’s available now: a full-sized Glass Bottom Viewing Window for our popular Cub Scout sit-on-top. Add this Lexan window (bullet-proof and scratch-resistant) to your Cub Scout and view the wonder world below the surface while you paddle. Explore the sea life from your boat (without donning a wetsuit).
#0100L Glass Bottom Viewing Window – $400

NEW – Rudder Head
New injection-molded rudder head, with integrated rudder crossbar, uphaul line guide, and rudder-blade stopper. New features: a recessed ball-lock pin and molded-in round logo.
We suggest that owners of Easy Rider kayaks upgrade to this new system by replacing their boats’ old (original) rudder heads.
#R8601B Rudder Head (with 1.5” ball-lock pin #R6805-2) – $68


NEW – Motor/Cargo Platform for 58-inch Pole Spacing
This motor mount is available for Easy Rider’s 2G & 3G CR-kayaks (single & double). It can be used with motors up to 2 HP. This motor mount incorporates a cargo platform, which is designed to carry fishing gear, picnic coolers etc. and can support up to 200 pounds. Made of high-quality wood.
#2208M Motor/Cargo Platform for 58-inch Pole Spacing – $375
NOTE: Price includes all hardware for mounting.
NEW – Motor Mount for 30-inch Pole Spacing
This motor mount is available for Easy Rider’s Eskimo 3G single-seater kayaks. It can be used with motors up to 2 HP. The motor mount attaches to the two rear poles behind the paddler. Made of high-quality wood.
#2205M Motor Mount for 30-inch Pole Spacing – $275
Price includes all hardware for mounting.
NEW – Mast Thwart for Spinnaker Sail or Fishing Rod Holder
Quick snap-on thwart clamps to the gunwales of any open canoe (no tools needed). The mast step does double duty: it accepts a spinnaker mast as well as a fishing rod holder. Switching between spinnaker sailing and fishing takes but seconds.
#1901B Mast Thwart (bow position) – $175
#1901C Mast Thwart (center position) – $175

Clamp-on Leeboard for Motoring or Spinnaker Sailing
Attach our large leeboard with Mast Thwart #1901C to your canoe, and you have solved all your control problems when you go out on a windy day (motoring, spinnaker sailing, or paddling). This clamp-on leeboard will keep your boat on track, with very easy course control.
#1901CL Clamp-on Leeboard Assembly – $500
NOTE: Above Leeboard Assembly includes Mast Thwart #1901C, large Leeboard #2005, and all the hardware needed for clamp-on to the gunwales of any open canoe.