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Al & Ingrid Wiegand, WA
"...Yesterday, we were on Cloud 9! It was our 45th wedding anniversary, and with our dog, Leo, we paddled silently among the song birds on a beautiful little lake on the Olympic Peninsula.
The Heron and our graphite paddles made it the most delightful experience we could hope for... Getting the boat onto and off the vehicle was so easy... We were as happy as kids at a birthday party..."

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Heron 17 R
Multi-Use Craft: Rowing, Paddling, Sailing
Featherweight Kevlar/Graphite Construction

Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
825 lbs.
42 lbs.
Center Depth          13"

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Heron 17 R is one of Easy Rider's most popular rowing trainers... and for good reason! Its 825-pound capacity and 17-foot length allow it to be rowed with one or two Oarmasters.
Whether you row solo by yourself, row with a companion as a passenger, or row double with a partner, this boat maintains excellent glide.
Heron 17 R is a stable and seaworthy all-weather rower equally at home on lakes, rivers, and saltwater. Best of all, this Kevlar®/Graphite featherweight is easy to cartop and portage by a single person. That means the Heron will get lots of spur-of the-moment use for daily exercise and relaxation close to home.
Heron 17 R features the design & handling characteristics of our Raven 17, but has a lower profile and a sharper bow/stern.
Heron 17 R is also a highly popular tripping canoe... Whether you want a canoe for day tripping, weekend campouts, or extended lightweight camping trips, the Heron is an excellent choice.
The Heron's featherweight Kevlar®/Graphite construction with an Airex foam core weighs a mere 42 pounds, making solo portages a breeze. If your path to the water involves steep trails, stairs, or a slippery beach, you will be glad you chose our Heron 17 R!