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FAQ – General Questions

Why should I favor Easy Rider paddlecraft over other brands?

Factory Direct. When you buy directly from the Easy Rider Factory, it should comfort you to know that you benefit from over forty years of research & development, have access to all our manufacturing resources, and are “taken under our wings”, from your first contact to the delivery of your boat (and beyond).
Broad Selection. Choose from a broad selection of boats: Sea Kayaks; Take-A-Part Kayaks for the world traveler and for easy storage; Multi-Use Craft for rowing, paddling, sailing; super-tough Royalex ABS Canoes, or lightweight and small Specialty Craft.
Custom Outfitting. You can also order your boat to be custom outfitted, and you may want to plan ahead and define your future interests and needs.
Modular Versatility & Many Options. Imagine the possibilities! Catamaran or outrigger options; spinnaker or high-performance airfoil sail rigs; special safety systems; fishing rod holders; motor-mounts; trampolines & rigid platforms are only some of the reasons why we think it’s smart that you look at products from Easy Rider first before you make any buying decision!
Quality Workmanship. First-grade materials combined with professional workmanship, that’s what we put into every Easy Rider leaving our factory. And you will be proud to own such a high-quality craft, turning heads when you take her out for a spin.
Made in the U.S. Additionally, you should be pleased to own a U.S.-made boat, built by your Seattle-based manufacturer. And, should you ever want some add-ons or need maintenance services, you can be assured that we will take care of you and assist you in any way possible. Check us out and compare -- we are confident you’ll agree that Easy Rider products are worth talking about. Why buy twice... buy the right boat the first time: Easy Rider.

Why buy from Easy Rider rather than a large discount store?
Large chain stores concentrate on sales volume rather than quality and service. These discounters sell primarily low-grade rotomolded polyethelene boats, with high profit margins.
Easy Rider made the choice a long time ago not to fall into the mass-production trap. Our boats are high-quality craft designed and built directly for you, the user, not intended to be profit vehicles for mass merchandisers. Ours are boats to be proud of. They give you real value for your investment and are built to last a lifetime.
Remember, when buying a boat, you should only buy the best -- your life may depend on it!

What is your design philosophy?
It is the designer’s philosophy that people should grow with their boats rather than grow out of them. Therefore, many options like spinnaker or airfoil sails, outriggers, trampolines, and rigid platforms can be used with most Easy Rider boats. Emphasis is placed on stability, maneuverability, and dry running -- desirable features for challenging Northwestern water conditions. The designer’s personal experience is driving the evolution of Easy Rider’s products. “I wouldn’t build it if I couldn’t identify with the boat” is the message from the man who loves moving around on the water in a variety of ways.

Will you help me buy the right craft?
Yes, we will try our very best to explore and understand your needs and interests in order to make sure that you end up buying the right boat the first time around. We want you to become a happy customer who will tell us later about all the exciting trips in a boat which performed exactly as Easy Rider had promised. We know that satisfied customers are our best advertisers, referring family members and friends to Easy Rider and... coming back for “seconds and thirds”. In fact, we have a number of loyal customers who own entire fleets of Easy Rider boats (and dreaming of more).

A happy customer writes: “... easyriderkayaks.com is a place I often find myself when surfing the Internet... The pictures draw me there late on a winter’s night when I’m dreaming of some place warm and the kind of boat I’m saving my money for. easyriderkayaks.com keeps my hopes alive and my deposits regular in my kayak savings account... By next spring, I should have enough saved up to get another kayak, an outrigger for my Eskimo 18-6, and maybe even a real sail... and another canoe...”
Dave Zimmerman, Washington

So many choices and options... Are your catalogs & video of great help?
Most definitely! You will be amazed at the wealth of information that you’ll receive from our 116-page catalog package (four color catalogs) and the 2 1/4-hour video buyer’s guide, “The Wonderful World of Easy Rider”. Catalogs and video are closely integrated. Look for the video flags throughout the catalogs noting the related video scenes.
We suggest that you watch our video first. It brings the Easy Rider factory and showroom into your home and is the closest thing to test paddling and sailing our many models. You’ll see our innovative watercraft and outfitting options in color and action... observe how boats can grow from pure paddlecraft to outrigger, trimaran, or catamaran high-performance sailers... enjoy extensive footage of spinnaker and airfoil sailing... witness how easy it is to travel with our Take-A-Part kayaks by bus, sailboat, or airplane... see how quickly our Multi-Use Craft switch between paddling, rowing, and sailing modes... You’ll whet your appetite and gain instant insight into the many options available to you.
Now move on to the catalogs. They delight with glorious photography and describe in detail our huge production program.
Once you’ve watched the video and studied our catalogs, it will be quite easy for you to make educated buying decisions. You may stillhave a few questions for us, so call us, and we’ll discuss them and guide you along.

Can I talk to a live person if I have questions?
Yes. During business hours, our phones are always answered by real persons... you don’t have to navigate through time-consuming, complicated menus. And, if you wish, you may ask for Easy Riders’ President/Designer, Peter Kaupat, directly for a personal consultation.

“...Thanks for spending so much time with me; I learned a lot. It was a pleasure to do business with you...
I’ve had my Eskimo 17 in the water, and everything’s A-OK!”

John Brooks, the “Happy Shark”

What about a quotation?
If you are interested in a particular boat package, we’ll prepare a quotation for you to review. The various costs for boat(s), options, custom outfitting, accessories, packaging & shipping will be detailed -- no hidden expenses.

Can I test paddle (test sail, test row) your boats?
Yes. This is a factory direct service by appointment. Many out-of-state customers fly in and stay in one of the hotels right next to us. See map for hotels and their phone numbers.

“...I had a marvelous time during my short visit to Seattle. It was a real treat to meet Peter Kaupat and have the opportunity to sail with him... I went to the factory primarily to familiarize myself with your Take-A-Part Kayaks and select one for a future purchase and ended up flying back to South Florida with a new Eskimo 17 Take-A-Part as my luggage. I had it on the water the next day, and it was great to paddle and sail all over Biscayne Bay. It was very gratifying to meet someone with such passion and enthusiasm for the sport and his products... Thank you all for a great experience.”
Fernando Gaston, Florida

How can I be sure that my boat package will be shipped complete?

At our factory, complex outrigger or catamaran sailing systems are fully assembled and then disassembled prior to packaging. All items are double-checked and shipped with rigging instructions..

Can I trade in my old Easy Rider and upgrade to a different model?
Yes. We also sell boats on consignment.

How long do your boats last?
All our boats are of the highest quality. They are built to last a lifetime and to be passed on to the next generation. We regularly refurbish or cosmetically overhaul Easy Rider boats built over twenty or even thirty years ago! Even older boats have a high resale value and are much sought after, because of their quality and durability.

Which materials do you use?
Our boats are offered in quality materials: Fiberglass, Kevlar®, Graphite, Royalex® ABS.
For detailed information, go to our home page and click on materials.

How do you rate your fiberglass construction?
The term “custom” would be more appropriate to describe the high-quality construction of our regular fiberglass models. These boats are handcrafted using the best grade of flatweave fiberglass fabrics and resilient resins available. Selective use of extra cloth layers and unidirectional fibers reinforce areas prone to impact or subject to abrasion.

Why choose a Kevlar® construction?
For light weight and maximized performance. A lightweight boat makes loading and unloading much easier. That means it will get much more spur-of-the-moment use, for daily exercise and relaxation. Once an enthusiastic paddler realizes that only the weight of a boat keeps him from paddling more often, it will be an easy decision to upgrade to a more expensive Kevlar® construction.
For increased performance, marathon or triathlon racers generally insist on owning lightweight Kevlar® (or Graphite) racing machines.

Why choose an All-Graphite construction?
When you want super-light weight and maximized performance. Serious racers favor super-light All-Graphite constructions. These boats accelerate faster during sprints and guarantee a quicker response during maneuvers. Because of the stiffness of the graphite fiber, we can custom produce featherlight kayaks and backpack canoes weighing as little as 28 pounds.
Note: Graphite (or carbon) is a lightweight and super-strong fiber, well-known to flyfishing enthusiasts through light, stiff fishing rods.

“...People always come up to me to ask about this kayak and to see if I am a senior power lifter! The graphite was the right choice for me. At the age of 61, I am looking forward to kayaking for the rest of my life...”
Caroline Garland, Washington

Why choose an Easy Rider canoe made of Royalex® ABS?
Because it is super-tough and the best value for your recreational dollar, period! Royalex ABS canoes are the leading choice for family, whitewater, and expedition use. We use the strongest Royalex sheet construction in the industry and spare no expense in the outfitting, so you get the toughest, longest-lasting canoe.
For complete information, see Royalex® ABS Canoes

Why don’t you manufacture Polyethylene boats?
Because it is Easy Rider’s commitment to manufacture top-quality boats that will last a lifetime!
It’s important to realize that lower-priced polyethylene kayaks or canoes are expensive when you consider their many shortcomings...
Polyethylene is a soft material able to withstand far less wear and tear.
Because it does not withstand ultraviolet rays well, polyethylene breaks down over time and becomes brittle.
Polyethylene boats tend to lose their shape in hot climates, especially when strapped down on car racks.
Polyethylene boats are substantially heavier than boats made of fiberglass, Kevlar®, Graphite, or Royalex® ABS..
Polyethylene boats cannot be repaired or painted. Bonding agents like vinyl cement, urethane adhesives, and epoxy resins do not adhere to polyethylene.
FAQ – Easy Rider News

New Models – New Options – New Accessories – Easy Rider Outfitters – More...

NEW – Harpoon TR... turning heads & winning races.
Picture shows Greg Grimm “going for it” in his lightweight All-Graphite Harpoon TR.
The high-performance Harpoon TR, available in All-Graphite or Kevlar/Graphite construction, shares the gene pool of the other members of the Harpoon series.

NEW – Harpoon R Expedition Rowing Shells
Show stopper at the Seattle Boat Show... Harpoon is an all-weather rower, the only true heavy-water outrigger rowing craft. With it, you can safely venture out and explore the same areas accessible to sea kayaks (without having to constantly keep an eye on the weather). Harpoon features generous bow & stern cargo hatches to make the loading of bulky trip supplies easy. A new cockpit design accommodates the new Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat versions.

Two versions available:
The high-volume (HV) expedition version can carry bulky camping gear for extended trips.
The low-profile (LP) racing version, with minimum wind resistance, is an excellent choice for saltwater rowing. It is an extra-stable outrigger rower and appeals to owners of large cruising boats.
So, if you want a top-of-the-line rowing shell, a boat which (holding true to its name) quickly and efficiently seeks its target, do what some Boat Show visitors did – treat yourself to the very best: Harpoon R.
Available in All-Graphite or Kevlar/Graphite construction, outfitted with one or two outriggers, and with multi-use versatility (rowing, paddling, sailing).

NEW – Beluga CRX 2G Deluxe... developed for Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks
We developed this deluxe double-seater kayak to meet the needs of Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks, a well-known Alaskan outfitter (they have used Easy Rider kayaks since 1979). And we are pleased to report that the model has become an instant favorite with their customers, who love the longer Expedition Beluga for its easy packing and great carrying capacity for extended trips.
Click Beluga CRX 2G for more information.

Photo courtesy of Glacier Bay Sea Kayaks

NEW – Glacier Bay Cruiseline acquires three large cruise ships and a fleet of 75 Easy Rider kayaks
Glacier Bay Cruiseline arranged with Easy Rider to have the entire fleet of Beluga S double kayaks cosmetically overhauled and refurbished. Additionally, they added a batch of Dolphin CRX 2G and Sea Hawk CRX 2G single kayaks to be used by their guides. The high carrying capacity of the Sea Hawk allows for transporting the
supplies needed for occasional shoreline picnics. www.glacierbaycruiseline.com

NEW BOATS – Added to Alaska Discovery’s fleet of Easy Rider boats
Alaska Discovery began using Easy Rider kayaks over 25 years ago. They have just added another batch of Sea Eagles to their fleet of 60 Easy Rider boats. They have found the Sea Eagle to be the best all-around kayak for whale-watching trips and for guided camping expeditions in Glacier Bay National Park. They need a boat that is stable, yet fast, with a large cargo capacity and an easy-to-adjust, dependable rudder assembly. www.akdiscovery.com

NEW – Protective Kayak Cover
For storing or cartopping your beautiful Easy Rider (protect your investment!). This is a two-part cover, with the separation behind the cockpit coaming. The two halves overlap with velcro and a draw strap. With the boat facing forward on a car rack, the cover is secure at freeway speeds. Velcro openings allow for the lifting handles to extend through the cover. The cover’s interior surface is napped to trap fine grit and keep it away from the boat’s finish. The cover is 55% poly., 45% cotton, water-repellent, mildew-resistant, and breathable.
#8551 Protective Kayak Cover – $275 for single-seater models.
Covers for other boat models are available on a custom-order basis (inquire).

Extra-Large Glass Bottom Viewing Window for Cub Scout
You asked for it, and it’s available now: a full-sized Glass Bottom Viewing Window for our popular Cub Scout sit-on-top. Add this Lexan window (bullet-proof and scratch-resistant) to your Cub Scout and view the wonder world below the surface while you paddle. Explore the sea life from your boat (without donning a wetsuit).
#0100L Glass Bottom Viewing Window – $400

NEW – Rudder Head
New injection-molded rudder head, with integrated rudder crossbar, uphaul line guide, and rudder-blade stopper. New features: a recessed ball-lock pin and molded-in round logo.
We suggest that owners of Easy Rider kayaks upgrade to this new system by replacing their boats’ old (original) rudder heads.
#R8601B Rudder Head (with 1.5” ball-lock pin) – $68

NEW – Motor Mount for 58-inch Pole Spacing
This motor mount is available for Easy Rider’s 2G & 3G CR-kayaks (single & double). It can be used with motors up to 2 HP. This motor mount incorporates a cargo platform, which is designed to carry fishing gear, picnic coolers etc. and can support up to 200 pounds. Made of high-quality wood.
#2208M Motor Mount for 58-inch Pole Spacing – $375
NOTE: Price includes all hardware for mounting.
Motor Mount for 30-inch Pole Spacing under New Easy Rider Products

NEW – Mast Thwart for Spinnaker Sail or Fishing Rod Holder
Quick snap-on thwart clamps to the gunwales of any open canoe (no tools needed). The mast step does double duty: it accepts a spinnaker mast as well as a fishing rod holder. Switching between spinnaker sailing and fishing takes but seconds.
#1901B Mast Thwart (bow position) – $175
#1901C Mast Thwart (center position) – $175

NEW – Clamp-on Leeboard for Motoring or Spinnaker Sailing
Attach our large leeboard with Mast Thwart #1901C to your canoe, and you have solved all your control problems when you go out on a windy day (motoring, spinnaker sailing, or paddling). This clamp-on leeboard will keep your boat on track, with very easy course control.
#1901CL Clamp-on Leeboard Assembly – $500
Note: Above Leeboard Assembly includes Mast Thwart #1901C, large Leeboard #2005, and all the hardware needed for clamp-on to the gunwales of any open canoe.

FAQ – Easy Rider History

How did Easy Rider get started?
Peter Kaupat, Easy Rider’s President/Designer, grew up on the banks of the Havel River in Germany. His parents, avid paddlers, didn’t think twice about paddling miles to visit friends for an evening. Their three young sons were tucked into crevices of the boat, and Peter was happiest with plenty of water around him.
Years later, Peter and his wife, Barbara, continued the family tradition. They explored many waterways by paddlecraft, from the North Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea.
After settling in the Pacific Northwest, they were delighted to find some of the best waters in the world -- lakes, saltwater, whitewater, quality fishing grounds... a paddler’s paradise!
They wanted a canoe more versatile than the one they had brought from Europe. And so, an idea was born...

...Aided by his engineering background and vast paddling experience, Peter created his first design, the TSL-I, for the wide range of boating activities that he and Barbara pursued. “I wouldn’t have built it if I couldn’t have identified with the boat,” Peter emphasizes. The TSL-I was a success. Designed to be an “easy rider” for Peter and Barbara, the name stuck. In 1970, the Easy Rider company was founded...

...Many more designs followed the TSL-I: open canoes, sea kayaks, rowing craft, and small featherweight specialty paddlecraft. Maneuverability, stability, and dry running are desirable features for paddling Northwestern waters. These design features are apparent throughout our line of boats.
It’s also Peter’s philosophy that people should grow with their boats rather than grow out of them. Today, many options like spinnaker or airfoil sails, outriggers, and trampolines can be used with most Easy Rider boats.

Northwest Marine Trade Assocation called Peter Kaupat “a designer who can’t stop innovating”, a trait which to this day has greatly influenced the development of Easy Rider’s products.

To offer top-of-the-line designs in high-quality construction has always been a top priority with Peter. The first boat ever built by Easy Rider serves that customer’s family today as it did back then, and many other “vintage Easy Riders” are still in use, much loved by their owners. Think of an Easy Rider as an “heirloom boat”, to be handed over to the next generation.

FAQ – Superior Rudder System  

Why do you say Easy Rider’s Rudder System is the best in the industry?
Outfitters and expedition paddlers praise it as the most reliable on the market.
A foot rudder contributes considerably to safety in rough-sea conditions. Easy Rider’s innovative rudder is self-centering, easy to adjust, and field-proven. These are just some of the reasons why so many people favor our kayaks over others with a foot-slider system...
Ease of adjustment. The foot pedal is easily adjusted while sitting in the cockpit. Commercial guides can adjust the foot control for novice clients while out on the water. Standard adjustment range is for persons with inseams from 24” to 38”. We can customize for paddlers having inseams smaller or greater.
User-friendly. Our unique control system provides rudder control and comfortable foot support, all at the same time. Solid heel support adds to the comfortwhile sitting in the cockpit.
Whisper-quiet operation. There are no hinges or sliding foot pegs that may become contaminated by sand, no squeaking noises to bother you.
Ease of operation. And more comfort... Gentle pressure against the toe plates operates the rudder blade -- no need to constantly move your entire foot while paddling.
Self-centering. Springiness of the high-density pressure-molded fiberglass toe blades ensures that the rudder will “self center” ending the need for continuous course corrections. “The Easy Rider rudder system is the most reliable and best designed I’ve seen on the market. The tension on the control ropes is easy to adjust, even while sitting in the cockpit at sea. The pull-pin feature allows fast removal of the rudder assembly -- it’s great!”
Jim Ratz, Director, NOLS Alaska
FAQ – Kayaks

Why are Easy Rider’s soft-chine kayaks superior to other manufacturers’ hard-chine designs?

Have you ever seen a dolphin or seal with a hard chine? Of course not. If you had, these creatures wouldn’t be able to move as fast and elegantly as they do. How about racing hulls, high-performance cars, or the high-performance airplane Rutan designed for his record-making non-stop flight around the world? The answer is the same. They all have smoothly curving, streamlined shapes (for minimum drag) and are superior to unnatural, energy-wasting hard-chine designs.

Hard-chine kayaks: Despite the above, there’s hype associated with hard-chine kayaks, although there is absolutely nothing special, beautiful, or even benefitial about them. And, most hard-chine kayaks have narrow footprints affecting the initial stability of the craft (and making novice paddlers feel vulnerable).
Why then do some companies manufacture such boats? It is ease of construction in the fabrication of tube-and-fabric folding kayaks, also in the building of wooden kit boats (it’s convenient to use a flat sheet of plywood). To improve on hard-chine designs, builders increase the number of hull panels and call these boats “multi-chine designs”. Other hard-chine-boat builders may just be caught up in the hype, or they simply don’t know any better.

Read what one of our recent customers had to say...
“At the last West Coast Symposium, I tried every hard-chine kayak I could get my hands on. I found that when I leaned these boats on edge, they felt very unstable and unpredictable making me really nervous... So, here I am, buying myself an Easy Rider Eskimo...”

Soft-chine kayaks by Easy Rider: The absolutely best hull shape is a smooth soft-chine design. Easy Rider’s designer, Peter Kaupat, a glider pilot in his native Germany, knew about the importance of form and function a long time ago. He learned that tube-and-fabric gliders (with “edgy” surfaces similar to hard-chine kayaks) are slower than smoothly shaped performance planes (made of fiberglass composites). Therefore, all Easy Rider designs are soft-chine designs, with emphasis on the two P’s: performance & predictability. In contrast to hard-chine kayaks, our soft-chine boats offer performance and a superior (and predictable) feel of initial and final stability (when leaning or banking).

What is a modular design concept?
All Easy Rider CR-Kayaks incorporate the innovative CR-System, the basis for the Catamaran, Outrigger, and Re-entry feature: they can be paddled like any other kayak, but, within minutes, can be converted to extra-stable catamaran or outrigger craft, for paddling and sailing.

Richard White, Washington, writes:
“Peter Kaupat performs majic. He has emptied my wallet and left me smiling! Without towing a trailer, I carry a whole fleet of boats with me: two lightweight Eskimo kayaks and outriggers on the roof of my Camry, and a 2HP four-cycle Honda outboard in its trunk.
Depending on location and conditions, I can launch - and, on a remote beach convert - between: a heavy-weather catamaran motor sailer (that gets over 60 miles to the gallon!); two sporty outriggered sailboats; or, two of the best sea kayaks on the market. Easy Rider - you make a remarkable series of complementary products!”

Note: Richard also owns an Eskimo 22-6 CRX 4-Piece Take-A-Part double kayak outfitted with two outriggers and three airfoil sails. He stores this rig in his Florida condominium and uses it when he vacations there during the winter months.

Can different-sized CR-kayaks be linked with your catamaran parts?
Yes. Special engineered deck grooves and clamping platforms allow for the secure attachment of catamaran and outrigger poles. The spacing of the deck grooves is the same on all single-seater CR-kayaks. Any combination of two singles can be linked with our exclusive Catamaran System. In a matter of minutes, the catamaran poles attach, and two individual kayaks convert into one catamaran. The structural integrity of this system has been proven on expeditions worldwide.

How are sail rigs attached to your kayaks?
Incorporated in our kayak designs are special deck moldings for the attachment of airfoil and spinnaker sails, fishing rod holders, and for special motor-mounts.

Are your kayaks stable and easy to paddle?
Yes. Our kayaks have excellent initial and final stability and are famous for their cruising efficiency:
Like racing hulls, Easy Rider kayaks have perfectly smooth hull curves. In contrast, hard-chine designs are unnatural, waste energy and lack a smooth stability curve.
We avoid energy-wasting reverse-curvature bow and stern entry/exit lines.

Why are Easy Rider kayaks asymmetric?
There are several reasons why our kayaks are asymmetric, i.e. why the widest point of the craft is aft of the center:
Like Olympic racing craft, our kayaks require the least amount of muscle power to reach optimum cruising speeds.
Our asymmetric kayaks maintain a level attitude, with optimized performance at any cruising speed.
Asymmetric kayaks provide an optimum of stern cargo area, with a minimum of trim sensitivity. Therefore, our double seaters are easy to paddle solo (from the stern cockpit).

Is it important that a sea kayak is maneuverable?
Yes. Our kayaks are designed to be maneuverable, a desirable feature for kayak sailing and shoreline exploration and essential for maintaining control in turbulent water and river paddling. In essence, maneuverability is a safety feature designed into all Easy Rider kayaks.

Which double kayak is most popular for solo paddling?
Our medium-sized Beluga S. Single paddlers appreciate its handy size and easy paddling from the stern cockpit, and they welcome its ability to accommodate the occasional companion. Outfitters and guides have hundreds of Belugas in use in Alaska’s Glacier Bay. In turbulent waters, or when the weather turns bad, the solo paddler usually covers the bow cockpit with a cockpit cover (Super Rain/Dust Cover #0703).

Can we use our double kayak for a long river trip?
Yes. Read on about a fantastic river trip in one of our larger double kayaks, the Sea Eagle:
“One of the most spectacular kayak trips we ever took was down the Missouri River in Montana following the Lewis and Clark Trail. The river is slow and gentle; the scenery spectacular and historic. We camped in the same campgrounds as Lewis and Clark and read their journals every night around the campfire. We had two other families with us, including four kids. When the kids complained about having to paddle, we read to them about the expedition pulling the pirogue up the river in moccasins over prickly pear cactus. We imagined the buffalo being run off the cliffs in the Native American hunts; we compared the 200-year-old artist sketches of cliffs with the canyons we were paddling. Every bend of the river brought a new adventure, and our Sea Eagle performed like a champ. It is not as susceptible to wind and currents as a canoe, and we were able to eat like kings with all the storage space. This is a trip we and our Sea Eagle will take again.”
Karen Vedder, Washington

Is a double-seater kayak an alternative to a canoe?
Yes. Double seaters are excellent for all-around family use and a perfect alternative for tandem travel. The cockpits of all our kayaks are generous in size and can be shared with small children or a small dog.

Can I take my dog along on a kayak trip?
At Easy Rider, we love dogs. If at all possible, you should take your pooch along. If he’s small, you can place him in the cockpit with you (our kayaks have large cockpits). But what about a big dog? Years ago, we once custom installed an extra-large stern hatch in one of our kayaks, for a customer’s German shepherd. But now, with the availability of an Easy Rider Outrigger System and our very sturdy Rigid Platform #2208 in between the outrigger poles, your big dog can go kayaking with you (in comfort and safety).

FAQ – Take-A-Part Kayaks

Why are your rigid Take-A-Part kayaks superior to folding kayaks?
Strength & Durability. All Eskimo Take-A-Part kayaks are built in expedition-grade Kevlar/Graphite construction. They are able to withstand blows which would destroy the frames of folding kayaks. The tough hardshell surface can take the wear and tear of razor-sharp corals, oyster shells, or barnacles, which would cut and tear the skin of a folding kayak. All materials used in these boats are corrosion-resistant and unaffected by ultraviolet rays and humidity.
Because our Take-A-Part kayaks have double bulkheads where the sections join, they are even stronger than one-piece boats.

“The hull easily withstood the rigors of some hard beach landings on the barnacle- and mussel-encrusted rocks of Glacier Bay... I had to even drag the loaded boat short distances on the rocks to either put in or take out -- something I could not have done with a skin-type boat...”
Al Palmer, Washington

Extra Safety. Each boat section provides a large amount of positive buoyancy, for extra safety and dry equipment storage. Large waterproof hatches allow for easy loading and unloading of gear.
Cargo Capacity. No cargo space is lost due to the bulky frames and stringers of folding kayaks. Therefore, more gear can be carried. All the gear needed for a trip can be stowed into the watertight boat sections before the paddler leaves home. At the launching site, simply bolt the sections together, and you will be on your way in minutes.
Ease of Assembly. Owners of our Take-A-Part kayaks are delighted by the speed and ease of assembly -- a procedure requiring only ten to fifteen minutes (to assemble a folding kayak takes much, much longer).
The individual sections are securely connected at their bulkheads by means of stainless-steel bolts, washers, lock washers, and wing nuts. Replaceable neoprene O-ring seals in-between the bulkheads give excellent waterproofing.
Performance & Versatility. Like their one-piece counterparts, our Eskimo Take-A-Part kayaks are famous for their all-around performance and cruising efficiency.
These models also incorporate the innovative CR-feature, giving access to our wide range of outrigger, catamaran, and sailing options.
Outfitting. The Eskimo Take-A-Part kayaks feature expedition outfitting such as: rigid, watertight bulkheads; large cargo hatches; paddle-park cleats; paddle-float rescue tie-downs; anti-theft security eye-straps; seacruising compasses; deck sandwich reinforcements... features you cannot expect from a folding kayak.

Do the boat sections fit in a station wagon or motor home?
Yes. They also fit on board of sailboats or inside small airplanes. And, if outside storage presents a theft problem, the sections can be easily stored inside a basement, even inside a motel room.

FAQ answered by Easy Rider customer Dave LeRoux.
Dave and his wife, Martha, own two Eskimo 17 CRX Take-A-Part kayaks.

...a message from Dave LeRoux
Martha and I have been paddling for about 25 years. We started paddling in Washington’s San Juans and on Vancouver Island. Now we do our major paddling trips in Alaska or Baja. We have paddled in all kinds of weather, have never capsized, and prefer to paddle on the flat calm water we find so often in S.E. Alaska.

I have been an Easy Rider customer and advocate since the early 80’s when we returned from a kayak trip in S. Alaska. We had rented two Easy Rider kayaks from a company in Juneau and spent two weeks on Admiralty Island. It was our first experience with kayaks and enough to get us hooked. Shortly after our return we purchased an Easy Rider Sea Hawk and Eskimo 17. In 1993 we upgraded to two Eskimo 17 CRX Take-A-Part kayaks and have since flown them to S.E. Alaska and Baja several times. I think Easy Rider makes the best, most versatile kayaks on the market. Because of their Take-A-Part design, Martha and I have had some incredible kayaking trips, and we are planning on more!

The following questions are those I frequently find myself answering when friends, or people we meet paddling, discover we have Easy Rider Take-A-Part kayaks.

How often do you join the boats together when you are on a trip?
Often. Sometimes they are hooked together for days. It is fun paddling with the boats together, and it is much more fun to fish from the boats when they are hooked up, because they are very stable. You can also snorkel off the boats, because you can easily get back in them. We find that the catamaran setup is better for watching whales and birds, or for making long crossings, because you can move, stretch your legs and even stand up.
If you pull a muscle or hurt a shoulder, a catamaran set-up allows you to paddle on the side that favors the injury. Also, you can paddle sitting down in the seat or sitting on the deck in back of the seat (calm water, of course).
Easy Rider has a trampoline that is fastened between the two boats and can carry a lot of extra gear. We often use it for fishing gear and our water bag, when we need to haul extra water. It is a handy place to put things you might need during a long paddle. We have even used it to carry firewood.
I never would have guessed we’d hook the boats together as often as we do.

How long does it take to assemble the two boats?
It takes me about 30-45 minutes. It can be done faster, though.

And how long to hook the boats together?
About 10 minutes if they are both on flat ground, more if you are standing in the water trying to do it while they are floating (sometimes the only option).

How do you pack the boats for the airlines?
The last time I checked the weight limit for baggage on airlines, it was 70 lbs. When we load the three sections of each boat with our tent, life jackets, paddles, sleeping bags (all the big, bulky, not-so-heavy stuff), each section weighs in at around 35 lbs. We usually stuff our carry-on luggage with heavy stuff like books and pans.

Is it a hassle taking the boats on an airplane?
No. It is a bit of extra work, but well worth the effort. We live on the Olympic Peninsula and have always taken a commuter flight to SeaTac to catch a plane elsewhere. Even the commuter flights have plenty of room for six kayak pieces. The only hassle we have had was when a ticket agent didn’t know how much to charge us. The rule is two of the pieces go free like luggage, and they charge around $50 for the third. We always have a copy of the airline’s luggage charges with us. You can get the information from the airline’s website. Customs officials did ask us to take one kayak piece out of the bag, but I think they were just interested in seeing the kayak.
All six pieces will easily fit in a small van or a large station wagon.

How about transporting your kayak pieces around the airport?
One time we had to go through customs in L.A. and then take our kayaks to another terminal. All six pieces fit on two luggage carts.

Have the airlines damaged your kayaks?
On any given day, the airlines can damage anything, no matter how well packed. Once when we were assembling our boats in a ferry line in Petersburg, Alaska, Martha discovered the airlines had put a hole about the size of a quarter in her boat at the waterline. Fortunately fiberglass boats are easily repaired. I always carry a fiberglass repair kit on trips, and by the time the ferry arrived, the boat was repaired. I haven’t had to touch the patch since.
I think part of the problem with the damage was that we don’t have the official Easy Rider kayak bags. I was trying to save some money when I bought the boats and had a sail loft make bags out of a heavy canvas material. It was not a good idea, and I don’t suggest it. I didn’t save that much, and they don’t give the boats the protection Easy Rider’s thick bags do. Spend the extra money and get Easy Rider’s bags -- they are worth it.
Note: Dave owns original fiberglass versions... Our Eskimo Take-A-Part kayaks are now built in an extra-strong expedition-grade Kevlar/Graphite construction.

Have the boats ever leaked where the bolts hold the sections together?

How do the boats sail as a catamaran?
We have two spinnakers. They work well, and with a breeze at your back, a 15-mile day is much easier. The spinnaker holder will also hold a fishing rod holder, which makes for hands-free trolling.

Why not rent a kayak at your destination?
Rental kayaks have not always been available where we have paddled. Some of our trips have been one-way trips, which would be hard to do with a rental. And, besides, a rental kayak doesn’t fit like your own boat. Everything is different -- the seat, the paddling, and the way they load.

How do you paddle the boats as a catamaran?
When we are paddling locally, we use bent-shaft canoe paddles. On long trips, we slide a plumbing “T” on one half of the kayak paddle. The “T” should be attached to the paddle with a lanyard, because it will sink should it ever fall off the end of the paddle.

What do you do with the kayak bags while you are paddling?
We leave them at a hotel and on the one-way trip mailed them to ourselves in the destination town in care of “general delivery”. They were waiting at the post office when we arrived.

FAQ – Multi-Use Craft (Rowing, Paddling, Sailing)

What’s special about Easy Rider's rowing craft?

Multi-Use Versatility. Row, paddle, or sail – conversion between modes is quick and easy.
Easy Launching. In contrast to nimble racing shells requiring a launching platform close to the water's surface, our boats can be launched just about anywhere.
Stability. Hands-off stability allows the rower to let go of the oars, stretch, relax, put on a jacket...
Seaworthiness. Our recreational shells are dry running and suitable for off-shore rowing in choppy water.
Safety. Optional outriggers greatly enhance the open-water safety. They let the novice rower progress faster and allow persons of any age and ability to enjoy the sport of rowing.

Why choose one of your rowing craft over the typical racing shell?
Because of stability and seaworthiness. In contrast to our recreational rowing craft, university-type rowing shells are very nimble and not really seaworthy. Most Easy Rider customers are interested in rowing for fitness and relaxation. They want a stable boat which does not require constant attention (to stay upright). Our customers can concentrate on the beauty of their surroundings, can relax the body, calm the mind, and relieve everyday tensions. They can take their hands off the oars, snap a photo, or take a bite to eat (impossible with a nimble shell). Besides, our rowing craft are suitable for off-shore rowing in choppy waters, where university-type racing shells can’t go (so you get much more time on the water).

Should I add an outrigger for inter-island rowing?
Yes. For off-shore inter-island rowing, an outrigger provides immeasurable security when the going gets tough. With it, a capsize is very unlikely. But it’s comforting to know that (should anything ever happen) self-rescue and re-entry are much easier if you have an outrigger attached to your craft. Think of an outrigger as a low-cost insurance policy!

Does an outrigger cause a lot of drag?
No. It simply skims the surface, you won’t notice any difference in speed.

Do many people buy your multi-use craft for rowing?
Yes. People love the multi-use aspect. They appreciate the versatility and usually put a lot of miles on these boats (rowing, paddling, and sailing). Lately we’ve noticed that quite a few of our rowing craft are sold to women rowers (more than ever before), and some add outriggers to their boats (for reasons outlined above or for their husbands’ peace of mind...).

I’m tall and heavy. Is your Cormorant single-seater a good choice for me?
Yes. Our Cormorant will provide you with a lot of comfort and carrying capacity. For the tall person (with a high center of gravity) an outrigger is the perfect solution. It transforms the Cormorant into a virtually untippable platform (without affecting the boat’s speed and sporty feel).

Can your Tatoosh double-seater be rowed with an outrigger?
Since the Tatoosh is a very stable two-person boat (when used as a kayak), we feel that an outrigger is not really necessary. However, many of our Tatoosh customers add one, because they value all the benefits gained. If you would like to row the Tatoosh with an outrigger, consider two small outriggers (a stern-mounted double outrigger system).

Can your Tatoosh double be rowed with two persons?
The cockpit of this boat accepts only one Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat, but the opening is large enough to take a passenger along.

Why should I choose your Harpoon R Expedition Rower?
If you want to own the most seaworthy rower we have to offer (and if cost is not an issue), you should have a serious look at this top-of-the-line model.
Designer Statement(Peter Kaupat): "I designed this elegant boat for rowing enthusiasts who appreciate the speed and efficiency of a competition-caliber hull... I wanted to accommodate rowers needing seaworthiness, stability, and cargo capacity for long-distance trips. And I wanted generous bow and stern cargo hatches to make the loading of bulky trip supplies easy... Wherever a sea kayak can venture, Harpoon R can follow... It has plenty of load capacity for long trips and generous bow and stern cargo hatches for loading bulky gear.

How well do Cormorant, Tatoosh, or Harpoon R perform when outfitted for sailing?
These boats are excellent sailers. They have the same performance characteristics as their sea kayak counterparts. Cormorant and Sea Hawk have the same gene pool, Tatoosh and Beluga S are from the same family, and Harpoon R has the same hull design as the Harpoon HV. Have a look at all these models, and you will appreciate the potential of our Multi-use designs.

How long does it take to convert from rowing to paddling or sailing?
Conversion between the different modes takes only minutes and is very easy. A phillips screw driver is the only tool needed for loosening or tightening the outrigger clamps.

Is my money well spent on one of your Multi-Use Craft?
Definitely. These are not ordinary boats, but SYSTEM boats! Wherelse can you find boats that do everything? Choose between rowing, paddling, or sailing... design, quality, features, and durability will exceed your expectations!

When should I choose your Heron R for recreational rowing?
When you want a stable multi-use boat that can be rowed with one or two Oarmasters (it’s popular as a double rower). When you are intrigued by its featherweight Kevlar/Graphite construction (only 40 lbs.) that anybody can tote around. And when you’d like to own a recreational rower which doubles as a light tripping canoe, for overnight trips or weekend adventures. Our Heron R fills the bill, and many proud owners have nothing but praise for this boat.

FAQ – Canoes (Royalex ABS & Kevlar)

What does it mean when you say “Canoes with a Choice...”?

Wide Range of Options...
Outfit your canoe with center seat, oar locks, and 6-foot oars -- it becomes a fast rowboat.
Row it with our removable sliding seat -- now you have an all-weather fitness craft.
Equip it with a spinnaker -- even light puffs of wind will send the boat skimming while you relax.
Rig it with a high-performance airfoil sail -- it can reach speeds rivaling regular sailboats.
Mount it with a motor -- it skims efficiently over large tracks of water.
Attach an outrigger -- give yourself or your family added safety.

Other reasons why I should buy an Easy Rider canoe?
Superior Features...
Expedition-grade Royalex ABS construction (Ouzel & Raven models) features extra layers along the spine and ribs for rigidity; and double skins in bow and stern.
Maintenance-free marine-anodized aluminum gunwales (not plastic or wood). Outer lips of gunwales are very small - won’t pinch fingers.
Extra-strong aluminum end caps (black powder coated) with built-in carrying handles; maintenance-free web seats; ash shoulder yoke.
Shallow-V designs -- for increased hull stiffness and tracking.

Which are your best canoes for fishing?
Our Ouzel 15-8, Ouzel 17, and TSL-I share the same gene pool. They are all extra stable, maneuverable, and dry running in rough waters... desirable features for lake, stream, and saltwater fishing.

Which canoe is best for the solo fisherman?
Our Ouzel 15-8 is highly popular with the solo fisherman looking for a stable, high-capacity (1075 lbs.), and lightweight canoe (only 66 lbs.). It’s easy to handle by a single person and has the capacity to take a fishing buddy along.

Which is your best all-around canoe for two big paddlers?
Look at our Ouzel 17. It is very stable, weighs only 74 lbs., carries 1200 pounds of load, and has a very shallow draft.

Do you have a canoe for two adults, two children, and camping gear?
Ouzel 17. For all-around family use, including whitewater. Two children (even teenagers) can sit (and paddle) side-by-side on an optional center seat.
Raven 18-6. A high-capacity performance cruiser with the same 1200-pound capacity as our Ouzel 17. Raven-18-6 is available as a two-, three-, or four-seater canoe.
TSL-I. An expedition-grade, extra-stable, decked touring canoe, with an extra-large center cockpit for children.

Which canoe do you suggest for long-distance lake paddling?
Our Raven 17 & Raven 18-6 performance canoes both feature enhanced directional stability for long cruises (important in windy conditions).

Do you offer a lightweight tripping canoe?
Yes. Our Heron 17 weighs just a shade over 40 pounds in Kevlar/Graphite construction. It is easily portaged by a solo paddler and has plenty of capacity for a medium-built couple with two small children (plus weekend camping gear). This is also an excellent choice for the solo adventurer with lots of gear.

Do you have a seagoing decked touring canoe?
Yes. Our TSl-I is in a class of its own. Designed by Easy Rider’s Peter Kaupat for his personal adventure trips, this boat has braved the Inside Passage many times. It’s also a formidable whitewater performer and an excellent sailer -- an exceptional all-around canoe for family use or full-blown expeditions.

Where do you sit when paddling solo?
We prefer to sit on the bow seat facing the stern.This position provides the best boat trim. Our canoes are symmetrical designs. Therefore, they give you the same performance when paddled in either direction.

Can I paddle a canoe with a double-bladed kayak paddle?
Yes. We suggest you own canoe paddles (your primary paddles) plus one or two 9-foot kayak paddles. It’s nice to switch from one to the other (you use different muscles). A kayak paddle is fun to use on a leisurely cruise (especially when only one person propels the boat), and the canoe is easily kept on course on a windy day (no need for constant course corrections with a J-stroke). Add Folding Cane Seat #2614, place it in the bottom of your canoe (in front of the stern seat), and you will enjoy extra stability and comfort.

Why are your canoe seats closer together than I’ve seen on other boats?
Less trim sensitivity if the paddlers’ weights differ substantially.
Increased maneuverability.
Much drier running in choppy waters.
More leg room for the bow paddler.
Note: For paddling efficiency (knuckle clearance), we suggest that you slide a little to “your side” (the side that you’re paddling on).

Do you have a square-end canoe?
No, and these are the reasons why our canoes are double-enders:
A square-end canoe is harder to paddle backwards.
When motoring for a longer period of time, it gets tiresome to have to reach behind your back to operate the motor. We prefer a side-mounted motor, which is much more practical.

How big a motor can I put on a canoe?
We suggest a maximum of 2 HP.
Note: For motoring a canoe, consider using our 4.5-foot Outriggers on the motor-side.
Click to see picture

Do you offer sail rigs for your canoes?
Yes. All Easy Rider canoes make great sailers and can be ordered with airfoil and outrigger options.

Do you recommend outriggers for canoe sailing?
Our canoes have plenty of stability for airfoil sailing without outriggers. However, our quick-disconnect outriggers are a very popular option, because they offer enhanced safety and expanded sailing range.

FAQ – Small Specialty Craft

Is it really worth it to spend money on one of these small boats?

Definitely. Our specialty paddlecraft may be small, but that doesn’t limit their uses. In fact, smallness is their biggest asset. They store easily on deck of a cruising yacht or in the bed of a pickup truck. Choose from three models:
Scout 13. It is 13’ long and 32” wide -- weight is a mere 34 lbs. in Kevlar, 45 lbs. in Fiberglass.
Sweetheart. 12.5’ long and 35” wide -- a featherweight 29 lbs. in Kevlar.
Cub Scout. 12.5’ long and 35” wide -- weight is 46 lbs. in Kevlar, 56 lbs. in Fiberglass.

A recent customer from Rhode Island said it best when he explained why he decided to purchase a Cub Scout outfitted for airfoil sailing...
“...I’ve owned several boats up to 150 ft. in length, but I remember well that the smallest boat I once owned gave me the most pleasure...”

Are your Scout 13, Sweetheart, or Cub Scout stable, dry running craft for family use?
All three boats are quite beamy and full-cut and, therefore, very stable and dry running in choppy waters.

Why do you recommend paddling these boats kayak-style?
In the hands of experienced canoeists, these playful, maneuverable critters will dance to any tune a canoe paddle can play. By paddling kayak-style, novices will also be able to handle these boats, impressing onlookers and looking like accomplished paddlers.

Why do you provide a folding cane seat rather than a canoe bench seat?
Because the high backrest of the folding cane seat means a lot of comfort for the paddler. And because your craft will feel extra-stable in a low sitting position (for kayak-style paddling).

When fishing, can these boats be rowed like a dinghy?
Yes. Oar locks and dinghy oars are a very popular option for our Scout 13, Sweetheart, and Cub Scout.

Can these boats also be rowed with a sliding seat for exercise?
Yes. The Sweetheart at merely 29 lbs. is especially popular with women rowers. This boat’s sporty performance (and ease of transportation) impresses even expert rowers.

How well does the Cub Scout row?
Cub Scout and Sweetheart row equally well, because they share the same hull design (Cub Scout is identical to the Sweetheart, but with a sit-on-top deck design).

How about rowing the Scout 13?
The Scout 13 is very popular because of its lower price. Most owners of this model choose our Fixed-Seat Rowing Package (with 6’ dinghy oars) over the more expensive Sliding-Seat Rowing Package (with 9’9” racing oars).

Can Spinnaker Sails be used with these small boats?
Yes, with all three of them:
Scout 13 & Cub Scout. The removable mast base attaches to the deck with four screws and wing nuts.
Sweetheart. Our new Mast Thwarts #1901B & 1901C quick-clamp to the rails of the Sweetheart.

A note to the fisherman...
The mast base does double duty: it also accepts Fishing Rod Holder #2302.

Can I attach an Airfoil Sail to your small specialty boats?
Yes, this can be done. However, at Easy Rider it is our policy to also give you the best advice so you get the most out of our products. If you want to put an airfoil sail on one of our small specialty boats, have a close look at our Cub Scout.
Cub Scout & airfoil sailing. Easy Rider’s designer put a lot of thought into this small craft... Because it is unsinkable and self-draining when uprighted, this is your best choice for playing in wind and waves (for paddling and sailing). And when rigged with an airfoil sail, Cub Scout becomes a very sporty sailer.

We need a small, trustworthy & maintenance-free boat for resort use. Any suggestions?
World-class resorts such as the one on Turtle Island (Blue Lagoon, Fiji) have discovered that our Cub Scout is their guests’ very favorite... and here’s why:
It is extremely stable and fun to horse around with -- the boat’s unsinkable & floats like a bubble, even upside down.
It is a great platform for off-shore sunbathing or picnicking, swimming, snorkeling.
It can be easily re-entered after swimming.
It makes an excellent dinghy for sailboats, power boats, even floatplanes.
It is absolutely maintenance-free (there are no moving parts on this boat).
Its distinct stern keel line makes it track well.
It paddles easily with one person or two.
A full-sized glass bottom window lets you observe the magical world under water.
FAQ – Catamaran Systems

Why would anyone want to catamaran their sea kayaks?
For a number of reasons. Major considerations are companionship and extra seaworthiness & safety.
Companionship. By linking two Easy Rider CR-kayaks together, you have the best possible combination. The catamaran makes for a most social double seater, with side-by-side paddling, and it disassembles in minutes to give kayakers back the freedom and flexibility of paddling singles.
Extra seaworthiness & safety. We personally have done many open-water crossings in stormy conditions, which would have been rather dicey for non-expert single paddlers.

On a longer trip, where do you put the 7-foot catamaran poles when the boats are not linked?
As an option, our catamaran poles are available in a take-a-part version. The pole halves store easily in the kayak stern compartment.

Can your catamaran rig be sailed with only one airfoil sail?
Yes. One 32 sq. ft. Airfoil Sail on one of the boats will drive the catamaraned kayaks quite efficiently through the water. In this case, the second kayak functions like a big outrigger. When a companion rides along in the second boat, he/she can relax or fish, or simply enjoy the ride.

How much faster is the catamaran rig when outfitted with two airfoil sails?
About 40 to 50 percent.

Can your catamaran rigs be used for scuba diving?
Yes, and they have advantages over conventional craft normally used for this activity:
Modular and lightweight, they are easy to carry and transport on car roofs.
They can be paddled, sailed, or motored.
They provide a perfect working platform close to the water’s surface -- retrieval of heavy diving gear is very easy.

Can a third person ride along?
Yes. Our quick-disconnect Rigid Platform #2208 carries any person’s weight.

Can your catamaran rig be towed behind a power- or sailboat?
Yes. It makes a perfect companion to any larger cruising boat. With the kayaks’ rudders in the water (our rudder system is self-centering & spring-loaded), the catamaran rig tows in a straight line, with no side swaying. Optional soft (or rigid) cockpit covers keep the kayaks dusty dry.

Is a motor-mount available for your catamaran rigs?
Yes. We offer a special motor platform (item #2207) for our Catamaran/Outrigger Systems. It can be used with motors up to 2HP.

Can you catamaran two different-sized single kayaks?
Yes, as long as they are Easy Rider CR-kayaks.

Can you catamaran two double-seater kayaks?
Yes, as long as they have deck moldings for a triple-pole catamaran connection. You can catamaran two of our Eskimo double kayaks (two Eskimo 20 CRX 3G, or two Eskimo 22-6 CRX 3G).

Can you catamaran a single-seater with a double-seater kayak?
No problem. Some parents like such a system. It allows them to have their youngster “on a leash” -- in a single kayak (such as our Dolphin CRX 2G) connected to their double (such as the Beluga CRX 2G). Click for picture.

FAQ – Outrigger Systems

I’m wondering if I should get an outrigger for my kayak. Should I?

Yes, and you’ll be glad you did. Just think of all the benefits...
Enhanced safety. Immeasurable security on long crossings or when squalls surprise you out in open water...
Extra stability. For fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, photography...
Family fun. Add our trampoline or rigid platform to one of our outriggers and take your kids or dog out for a ride.
Sailing. Attach an outrigger & airfoil sail to your kayak, and you have a stable and sporty high-performance sailer.
More time on the water. Maria Eshe of Washington writes: “ ...Since my husband, Fasteddie, brought this sea-going thing home, I can’t keep him home. Yesterday, a big wave hit him from behind, but with his outrigger, he stayed upright, steady as she goes...”

What size outrigger should I choose for my kayak?
We offer four different outriggers:
4.5-foot Outrigger. Available factory installed or for easy self-installation on any brand paddlecraft. This is your ever-ready safety system, just the right size for any wind condition when out spinnaker sailing. A perfect size for the minimalist kayak traveler. Item #2027. Click for picture
8-foot HHV Outrigger. A great stabilizer for fishing, crabbing, and photography, this outrigger provides plenty of stability for sailing our single or double kayaks with one large 32 sq. ft. Airfoil Sail. Item #2030.
10-foot HV Outrigger. Provides the stability needed for sailing with two airfoil sails. Choose this outrigger also when you want to attach our rigid platform so your kids or dog can go for a ride with you. Item #2032.
12.5-foot HV Outrigger. The perfect choice if an adult wants to ride along on our rigid platform (perhaps to give a sailing lesson to a family member or friend). Also, if you would like to convert an Easy Rider CR-single or double into a stable dive platform, our largest 12.5-foot Outrigger is the size you should choose. Item #2033.

Do your outriggers create a lot of drag?
No. All our outriggers have very slim waterlines. Even our largest (12.5-foot) outrigger moves easily through the water -- frequently the outrigger of choice for all-around family use.

Can your outriggers be attached to other brand kayaks?
Only the 4.5-foot Outrigger is sold as an add-on for any brand boat. Our three larger outriggers are only sold as options for Easy Rider CR-kayaks.

Why don’t you sell your larger (8’, 10’, 12.5’) outriggers for my (brand x) boat?
Because these outriggers require Easy Rider’s double-pole attachment system. Only Easy Rider CR-kayaks feature special deck moldings to allow a secure and structurally sound outrigger connection.

Can I take my (brand x) boat to your factory to have one of your outriggers custom installed?
Yes, this can be done. However, a custom installation is always rather costly. You may consider trading in your present kayak and upgrading to one of our CR-kayaks -- that’s what most people in your situation do.