Downwind Spinnaker for Kayaks
Featherweight Rig for Minimalist Travelers
Have you ever admired the colorful, billowing sails on racing yachts? Easy Rider offers just the right size Downwind Spinnaker Sail for any size kayak or canoe. Featherweight for minimalists, this highly refined and field-proven stow-away travel rig is likely to see a lot of action on any paddling trip and should never be left at home.

John Bauman, Alaska
“With the aid of the Spinnaker Sail on my Eskimo 17 CRX Take-A-Part, and with a 25-knot tail wind, I covered 60 kilometers in a single day along the East Coast of Tasmania...”

Why so many people choose Easy Rider’s Downwind Spinnaker
To minimize heeling, our Downwind Spinnaker features a symmetric, triangular shape, which places the center of effort low above the boat.
In very strong winds, you can reef the spinnaker to half its size by folding it around the mast.
Folded in half, the sail turns into a small airfoil sail for crosswind reaches.
When not in use, the spinnaker stows underneath the kayak’s elastic deck tie-downs and does not restrict paddling.
Likewise, the mast does not restrict paddling when left standing.
Sail and 2-piece fiberglass mast make a slim two-pound package which easily stows inside the cockpit area.
Rigging is quick and easy and can be done while out on the water.
You like to fish? The mast base does double duty: it also accepts Fishing Rod Holder #2302.

Downwind Spinnaker or Reaching Spinnaker?
Easy Rider offers both rigs. Why not own both! Because the mast and deck hardware of both sails are identical, many customers purchase one complete rig and a second sail as an add-on.

Easy Installation...
Both rigs are available factory installed or in kit form, for easy self-installation on any kayak. The complete kit weighs only two pounds and includes the sail, 2-piece fiberglass mast, mast base, and deck hardware. A drill with 1/4” drill bit is the only tool needed for installation. The removable mast base attaches to the kayak deck with four screws and wing nuts.

When ordering a Spinnaker Sail...
Please specify the deck contour of your kayak in front of the
flat, rounded, or peaked.

Downwind Spinnaker Rig, 8 sq. ft.
Reaching Spinnaker Rig, 6 sq. ft.
Downwind Sail only
Reaching Sail only
Fishing Rod Holder
Shipping: $20 (lower 48 states), $35 (Alaska & Hawaii), $75 (overseas)