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Imagine being able to
paddle with comfort in a big open cockpit; go out on serious seacruising trips using an optional hardtop cover; row with a sliding seat for fun and exercise; or sail with a Spinnaker Sail or Polynesian-style with
Outrigger and Airfoil Sail!

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Cormorant CR 2G - Rowing
Multi-Use Single Seater: Rowing - Paddling - Sailing
Outrigger, Catamaran, and Sailing Options

Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
400 lbs.
51 lbs.
44 lbs.
Cockpit Opening

outfitting of this model
20" X 72"

Cormorant rivals the best recreational shell you can buy! It is far more pleasant to row than most other rowing trainers.

It glides easily through the water with a long coast after each stroke. Its great hands-off stability allows you to stretch and relax while on the water.
Imagine the solitude you can find in the middle of a large lake or out on the saltwater, with the shoreline just visible in the distance.
The Cormorant incorporates our innovative CR-feature, allowing the boat to be rowed with one or two outriggers.
Our Outrigger System provides tremendous stability and safety for open-water rowing. It also makes learning to row easy and is, therefore, a recommended option for novices.
The Outrigger System also transforms the boat into an almost untippable platform for paddling, fishing, swimming, diving...
Or add a high-performance Airfoil Sail, and you have a pocket-sized sailboat...