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John McLeod, WA
"Most of the neighbors I used to waterski with turned into couch potatoes, but not me! I row my Cormorant every day, feel fit as a fiddle and outrow most younger guys..."

Oarmaster Rowing Sliding Seat
Lightweight & Removable
Row for Fun and Fitness...

The new Oarmaster is easy to transport, adjustable, and uses the rower's energy efficiently.
It takes only seconds to position and fasten the unit, and it is removed as easily. Once removed, the craft is light and easy to carry.

The sleek wing rigger is stiff and light – no energy is wasted when rowing through the pin. When you are done rowing, the wing is easy to remove from the base for easy transport or storage.
Foot stretcher length, oar lock height & spread are adjustable.
The Oarmaster, built of black anodized aluminum and stainless steel to resist corrosion, weighs a mere 18 lbs.
All parts are easily replaceable for maintenance and repair.