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Easy Rider stands for highest quality and innovation...

Founded in 1970 by Peter Kaupat, President & Designer, Easy Rider is one of the most respected names in the industry. Our quality construction, innovative designs, and unique outfitting and options are unsurpasssed, assuring the finest products possible. Our high-quality craft are versatile and expandable – a great long-term investment. Whether you are looking for a family craft, a custom outfitted boat for personal fun and exercise, or a boat for a full-blown expedition, we’ll work directly with you and will help you choose the one that will best fit your interests and needs. For instance, when National Geographic decided on an Easy Rider Eskimo 17 CRX 3G Catamaran Rig as a dive platform and to carry bulky underwater television cameras and cold-water gear for an ongoing assignment in the Canadian Arctic, we made sure that every detail was attended to so the expedition would be a success.

We are proud to offer, and you will be proud to own...
Easy Rider's commitment is to manufacture top-quality kayaks, canoes, and rowing craft that will last a lifetime.
We are determined to provide the highest level of craftsmanship and design with every product.
In every product we carefully incorporate improvements learned from field-testing and customer feedback.
Easy Rider boats offer amazing modular versatility. Options like Spinnaker Sails, Airfoil Sails, and Outriggers can be used with most Easy Rider kayaks, canoes, and multi-use rowing craft.
When opting for our popular Catamaran feature, it is comforting to know that identically spaced deck grooves & clamping platforms facilitate the catamaraning of different-sized kayak models.
We believe customers should be able to grow with their boats rather than grow out of them.
You, the customer, are our most valued asset. Our boats are designed & built to bring you the highest level of user satisfaction.
Our ability to keep the design and manufacturing under one roof allows us to deliver the highest quality at an affordable price.

Jim Lent, National Outdoor Leadership School Instructor, Ret., WY
“ Maestro Peter... My first kayak, a Sea Hawk, from you goes back over 20 years. It has seen hard use and is still sound as new. It was soon followed by a 17-foot Eskimo. Now my newest kayak from Easy Rider, a Kevlar Eskimo 22-6, with full sails, leeboards, and outrigger, exceeds my highest expectations. Every detail has been attended to perfectly from design to materials to final assembly. It is a masterpiece in every aspect. To anyone considering a kayak, I say it begins and ends at Easy Rider.”