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Catamaran Stability
for Professional Use
Photo below shows final testing of the catamaran rig before it was shipped to the Arctic.

on assignment in Canadian Arctic with Easy Rider Catamaran Rig...
The television crew chose an Eskimo 17 CRX 3G Catamaran Rig as a dive platform and to carry bulky underwater television cameras and cold-water gear. A rigid platform mounted between the two kayaks is an ideal on-the-water work station to carry out various tasks.

The Advantages of a Kayak Catamaran Rig
  • Modular and lightweight
  • Very shallow draft
  • Can be paddled, sailed, or      motored
 • A working platform close to     the water's surface, for easy     retrieval of heavy equipment
CR-Catamaran System
A Double or two Singles - Conversion in Minutes
Companionship, Seaworthiness & Versatility

Why would anyone want to catamaran their kayaks?

Because as a catamaran, two kayaks become much more than the sum of the parts. The catamaran feature opens new horizons and adds new dimensions to the exciting world of sea kayaking.
With two Easy Rider CR-kayaks (any combination of sizes) paddlers have the foundation for our exclusive Catamaran System.
In a matter of minutes, the catamaran poles attach, and two individual kayaks convert into one catamaran. The structural integrity of this system has been proven on expeditions worldwide.

Companionship. Catamarans are efficient at keeping paddlers of different strengths from separating -- don't worry about leaving weaker paddlers behind in your wake. Catamarans offer the best of all possible combinations: they are the most social double seaters with side-by-side paddling, and they disassemble in minutes to give kayakers back the freedom and flexibility of paddling singles.
Safety and seaworthiness. When crossing rough or open stretches of water, catamarans offer incredible stability: the rig is virtually 'untippable'.
Emergencies. A sick or injured kayaker can be carried more efficiently (and safely) in a catamaran than by towing a boat.
Fun and games. A catamaran is a stable platform for launching scuba dives, snorkeling, swimming, or fishing. The trampoline makes a great nest for snoozing and bagging rays.
Sailing. Spinnaker or Airfoil Sail Rigs let you tap into nature's free energy supply. Our exclusive leeboards attach to the ends of the catamaran poles, and the rig can run with the wind, make broad reaches, even tack into the wind.