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Video Buyer’s Guide and Catalogs are closely integrated. Look for the video flags throughout our catalogs noting the related video scenes.
  Video: "The Wonderful World of Easy Rider"

Action video & travel log - a fresh look at the paddlesport!
This video brings the Easy Rider factory and showroom into your home.
See our innovative watercraft and outfitting options in color and action.
Observe how boats can grow from pure paddlecraft to outrigger, trimaran,
or catamaran high-performance sailers.
Enjoy extensive footage of spinnaker and airfoil sailing.
Witness how easy it is to travel with our Take-A-Part kayaks by bus, sailboat, or airplane...
See how quickly our Multi-Use Craft switch between paddling, rowing, and sailing modes...
Learn about the wide opportunities available in the paddlesport!
  116-Page Catalog Package: A Wealth of Information


64-Page Catalog

Single Kayaks
Double Kayaks
Sail Rigs
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Royalex Canoes
Specialty Boats
Sail Rigs

12-Page Catalog

Multi-Use Singles
Multi-Use Double


8-Page Catalog
Backpack Boats
Small & Stable
Rowing Options

Bill Wagner, California
“...After receiving your impressive video and catalogs, we decided to fly to Seattle to visit your factory. It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to try out your fine products. The kayaks are way ahead of any others Shirley and I have tried out in our year of shopping. Your search for the better engineered boat puts yours light years ahead of the competition. We are ready to place our order for two Kevlar/Graphite Eskimo kayaks with Catamaran Parts...”