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The sportiest double-seater kayak you can imagine...

An Airfoil or Spinnaker Sail transforms the maneuver-
able Beluga S into an enjoyable sailer -- a great investment for the family!

Catalogs & video present detailed information on this model and its many options.

Beluga S

Field-Proven All-Around Performer
Medium Sized - Lightweight - Stable

Weight, Custom Glass
Weight, Kevlar®/Graphite
600 lbs.
68 lbs.
58 lbs.
outfitting of this model
16" X 35.5"

A 2-Piece Take-A-Part version is available (custom order).

Be it for two days or two weeks on the water, the medium-sized Beluga is a sea-proven double seater...
Its main attractions: weight (light), stability, ease of handling, ease of transporting, ample carrying capacity.
Families & adventurous couples rave about the boat’s versatility.
Single paddlers appreciate its handy size and easy solo paddling.
Solo adventurers frequently choose this model for extended expeditions with heavy loads.
Outfitters and wilderness guides praise the Beluga's dependability, durability, and seaworthiness... Visit Alaska's Glacier Bay in the summer and you will see many Easy Rider Belugas exploring areas off limits to big boats.

An excellent family craft. The cockpits are spacious and can be shared with small children.

One paddler can effectively propel a double kayak, while his partner rests, navigates, fishes, or snaps a photo.

Single paddlers appreciate the easy paddling from the stern cockpit, and they value its ability to accommodate the occasional companion.