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Airfoil Sail Rigs for Kayaks
Sailing Outrigger/Catamaran Style
Polynesians have been using them for over 2000 years. Without outriggers to stabilize their narrow dugouts, they would have never mastered the swollen waters of the ocean, never spread through the islands of the South Pacific...
An outrigger transforms any paddlecraft into a stable, almost untippable platform. A platform which provides immeasurable security when crossings take you miles from shore, qualls surprise you out in open water, or rip tides froth at your boat. A platform from which you can fish, swim, snorkel, sunbathe... A platform to which you can attach our high-performance airfoil sails.

Why so many people choose Easy Rider’s sailing options...
More and more people would like to sail, but are discouraged by the high cost and burden of owning a regular sailboat... The solution: Easy Rider’s sailing options!

Our sailing kayaks don’t require much sail area to reach speeds rivaling regular sailboats. They are seaworthy, sporty, easily controlled, and loads of fun. Furthermore, these boats can be easily cartopped and can be hand-carried down to the water -- no boat trailer nor boat-launch hassles.
Seasoned sailors are surprised that our sailing craft respond to the slightest puff of air, and they marvel at the efficiency of our fully-battened, high-aspect ratio airfoil sails.

Highly refined sailing systems, easy to operate...
We launched our first sailing craft over 30 years ago. We have sponsored many sailing events and have learned that kayak and canoe sailors want uncomplicated rigs that are quick to set up and easy to handle.

That’s why we offer:
Freestanding masts without stays
Lightweight and collapsible Airfoil Sail Rigs
Reefable sails for strong wind conditions
32 sq. ft. Airfoil - reefable to 28, 24, 20 sq. ft.
24 sq. ft. Airfoil - reefable to 20 sq. ft.
Lightweight (22 lbs.), collapsible rigs that easily stow inside the kayak
Quick-release leeboards with friction clutches
Self-centering foot-control rudders
Outrigger and trampoline options
Extra-strong poles to anchor the outrigger to special deck moldings
Outriggers which attach to your Easy Rider within minutes
Single outrigger or trimaran outrigger options
The option to convert two single kayaks into an extra-stable catamaran,
   for paddling or sailing.

Item #
Airfoil Sail Rigs for Kayaks
Airfoil Sail Rig 24 sq. ft., incl. Prep.
Airfoil Sail Rig 32 sq. ft., incl. Prep.
Leeboard Large, incl. Hub #2006
Leeboard Ass'ly Large, short pole
Airfoil Prep. only, installed
Reefable to 20 sq. ft., assorted colors
Reefable to 28, 24 & 20 sq. ft., assorted
For tracking, attach to 7-foot pole
For sailing doubles without outrigger
Incl. mast base, deck partner & hardware

IMPORTANT: Sail Rig Preps. & Outrigger/Catamaran Preps. are available factory-installed only!

Customers who intend to purchase our airfoil sail rig, outrigger or catamaran system at a later date, are encouraged to order their CR-kayaks with the necessary boat preps. This is especially important if they do not live within driving distance to the Easy Rider factory.
NOTE: Prep. costs will be deducted from the price of the entire item at the time of purchase.

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