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Airfoil Sail Rigs for Canoes
Outriggers for Extra Stability & Versatility
Look into the wind-blown face of a sailor, and you'll see a person who knows excitement, challenge, serenity...
Easy Rider offers canoeists the full range of sailing experiences -- from peaceful lake cruising to dancing on the whitecaps of Puget Sound. Wilderness trekkers will also discover that canoe sailing extends the limits of their explorations.
Our Ouzel 15-8 & Ouzel 17 are quick and require surprisingly little wind to sail. Raven owners find these canoes sail as well as they paddle. And the decked TSL-I allows dry running in large waves.
Our sailing canoes don't require much sail area to reach speeds rivaling regular sailboats. They are seaworthy, sporty, easily controlled, and loads of fun.
Furthermore, these boats can be easily cartopped and can be hand-carried down to the water -- no boat trailer nor boat-launch hassles.
Seasoned sailors are surprised that our sailing craft respond to the slightest puff of air, and they marvel at the efficiency of our fully-battened, high-aspect ratio airfoil sails.
Discover Easy Rider's unique outrigger systems! Add one or two outriggers to your sailing canoe for safety and expanded sailing range...

We launched our first sailing canoe over 30 years ago. We have sponsored many sailing events and have learned that canoe sailors want uncomplicated rigs that are quick to set up and easy to handle.
That's why we offer:
           • Lightweight and collapsible sail rigs
           • Reefable sails for strong wind conditions
           • Freestanding masts without stays
           • Quick-release leeboards with friction clutches
           • Rudder control for center or stern position
           • Outrigger, trampoline & rigid platform options

Item #
Airfoil Sail Rigs for Canoes
Airfoil Sail Rig 24 sq. ft., incl. Prep.
Airfoil Sail Rig 32 sq. ft., incl. Prep.
Leeboard Large, incl. Hub #2006
Leeboard Ass'ly Large, short pole
Reefable to 20 sq. ft., rudder & mast thwart
Reef to 28, 24 & 20 sq. ft., rudder & thwart
Attaches to forward outrigger pole
For sailing a canoe without outrigger
NOTE: Prices include installation.
outriggers for canoes

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